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How to Contribute


Please do not send pull requests for replacing my code. If you'd like to contribute solutions, please see the following instructions:

  • Solve the problem, and keep it in your repo. DO NOT send merge request yet.

  • Find the problem in this README file.

  • Edit the file in this format (notice the double square brackets):

    *This is a problem* - And here goes it's description. [[octocat (language)]](link-to-octocats-solution) [[your_username (C++)]](link-to-your-solution)

    This results in something like this:

    This is a problem - And here goes it's description. [octocat (language)] [your_username (C++)]

  • Please respect other people and do not delete or move anyone else's link. Place your solution at the end of the list of solutions.

  • Save/Commit the file.

  • Send a pull request for this commit ONLY - ie, the commit to the solutions repo!


If you have suggestions for adding or removing projects, feel free to open an issue to discuss it, or directly create a pull request after you edit the file with necessary changes. If you add a problem, make sure you add it in the correct category.

It is required that any changes made to the projects (this does not include adding solutions) in, must be reflected in the Solutions file

If you're copying a project from some other webpage, you MUST link to it in the Sources section at the bottom of repo's and

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