Docker image bundled with Google Chrome, Node and Yarn
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Docker Pulls Docker Pulls

Provides a Docker image with out of the box support for the recent release of cross-platform Headless Chrome(62.0.3198.0 dev), Node(node: 8.4.0, npm: 5.3.0) and Yarn(0.27.5)


# Dockerfile

FROM geekykaran/headless-chrome-node-docker:latest

CMD ["sh", ""]

google-chrome \
  --headless \
  --hide-scrollbars \
  --disable-gpu \

After building your docker image and running a container with it, you can connect to headless chrome inside the container on port 9222. If you're using Node.js, you can use chrome-remote-interface module to talk to Chrome via the Chrome Debugging Protocol

Image Size

177 MB compressed as of last build


MIT © Karan Thakkar