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@@ -2,7 +2,7 @@ Title: Lamson Releases
You can get the Lamson source in various ways:
-* Download it from "support site 1.0pre9 tag": as a "Zip file":
+* Download it from "support site 1.0pre10 tag": as a "Zip file":
* Use "Fossil": to get the code as described on the "support site":
@@ -18,11 +18,11 @@ look in your site-packages directory and delete all the versions of Lamson you f
h2. Releases
-You can get the 1.0pre9 release source from the this site as well:
+You can get the 1.0pre10 release source from the this site as well:
-"1.0pre9 release tar.gz":/releases/lamson-1.0pre9.tar.gz
+"1.0pre10 release tar.gz":/releases/lamson-1.0pre10.tar.gz
-"1.0pre9 release Python Egg":/releases/lamson-1.0pre9-py2.5.egg
+"1.0pre10 release Python Egg":/releases/lamson-1.0pre10-py2.5.egg
h2. Examples
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