Karateka - data management and video-sharing system solely dedicated to karate. Create and manage participants, referees, applications and protocols for competitions. Upload and watch videos you and your friends share.
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Karateka - data management and video-sharing system, that is solely dedicated to karate. Unregistered users can watch videos; registered users can upload videos, rate, comment and subscribe, create profiles and private playlists; create, manage and share personal lists of participants; apply to and generate bracket-sheets for competitions and even more.

The service is not depended on to your device and runs on any platform. All you need is a web browser (recommended Google Chrome) and active connection to the Internet. Mobile devices are supported, although in order to conduct competition, it’s recommended that the device’s screen size is not smaller than the average tablet. The service is constantly improving, new features are added and bugs are fixed. All data is stored encrypted on the server. The server is located in the data center, with the reliability Tier III, with a guaranteed uplink, uninterruptible power supply and necessary cooling. Your data transfer is encrypted with the website, which excludes the possibility of its use by third parties.

Getting started

  • Register at the website Karateka and confirm your email address;
  • Add basic organization information in the profile settings;
  • In case you’re going to conduct a competition and expecting to accept applications from other organizations and clubs, then you’ll need not just to create new event in Sport→Calendar section but also set Program of competition and then Make event public. Afterwards, others will be able to see your event upon creating an application;
  • In case there are athletes or referees in your organization, then you can add them in Sport→Participants or Sport→Referees section;
  • If the organization and the trainer does not act in one person, then it is necessary, to other trainers and/or members of your organization to be registered separately and then join, by going to your profile;
    • At first organization is registered in the face of the manager/senior trainer and correspondent information is filled in Settings→Profile section;
    • Then, your potential member (coach, representative, etc.) must be registered. Afterwards, going to the organization profile page, send a join request by clicking the "Join" button. When the request for the membership is approved by the host organization, it will have new member displayed in the list.
    • In the section Settings→Membership, organization can control the display of the member’s titles, (for example: “President”, “Secretary”, “Trainer” and etc.) and most importantly, manage access control for the members. View on one of the pages an example of how the public profile should look like, when properly configured.
    • After setting up the profile, in the section Sport→Participants, it’s necessary to add athletes that are in your organization. Editing a participant is easy as calling context-menu, by making right-click on it. It’s done only once. It’s important to set the trainer’s name (member) properly. Each trainer could add its own athletes themselves and later grant access, using Settings→Membership for other members in the organization.
  • To create an application for the competition, is easy as marking required athletes in Sport→Participants section and adding them by clicking + Add to→Application for participation in competition;
  • All applicants for your event will be displayed in Sport→Competitions section;
  • In case of club competitions, where there is no need to use applications, athletes can be directly added to the protocols of the competition in Sport→Participants section by clicking + Add to→Competition record sheet.

Electronic management of competitions


  • Receive and manage application forms for the competitions, with extended a detailed report (statistics) on the number of the participating organizations, judges and athletes, with the ability to freely manipulate needed competition data;

  • Generate protocols for competitions in both kata and kumite, with the possibility of electronic management, including scoring and the mechanism of splitting athletes from one club/trainer;

  • Automated calculation of the final results of the competition, displaying team score of clubs, trainers and other statistics;

  • The ability to print data in customary format, such as application forms, management protocols, overall reports and many other. * Protocols displayed below are also available in English


  • No need to use redundant ways of managing and submitting athletes/judges for competitions;

  • There is no need to re-send updated application form over again in case of changes in the list of participating athletes and/or referees, constantly notifying the host organization. The application form can be updated with ease, even 5 minutes before the start of the event;

  • Formation of kumite protocols is automatic and done completely in random mode. It takes into account the specified parameters, such as athletes from one club/trainer or just manually selected strong athletes (by using right-click), which will be always split in the different subgroups and will never meet in the first fight;

  • Points for kata protocols are calculated automatically, discarding the highest and lowest points, and the final result is the sum of the remaining. In case of the same points’ sum, the winner can be chosen by the lowest or highest score. By default, at first, the system determines the winner by the lower score, but this functionality can be reversed at the “Sum” field.

  • The final calculation is no longer time-consuming process at all. The winner in the team event, the club and the trainer alone, can be determined immediately after the last category is finished.


Lead developer


You can make a difference. Donations show appreciation. Your donations would help me to pay my bills and excite future development.


BSD 3-clause License