A wifi webradio with only low cost boards ESP8266 and VS1053
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** ESP8266 & VS1053 Wifi WebRadio **

Ka-Radio, a WiFi shoutcast player based on ESP8266 and VS1053b chips

Basic informations

Release 1.1.7 Built on 2017/02/09

New features:

  • Now Both AP SSID and AP Password are encoded to permit special characters like & : etc
  • "Restore stations" corrected for some heavy lists
  • Station information now give the number of the current station
  • retry client connection modified to avoid blocking situation.
  • Many bugs removed thanks to users feedback's.

    The optional led is now on GPIO2. The blue led on the ESP8266 is blinking at the same rate.
    GPIO16 is now the Chip select for the external ram if any.
    The external ram is detected at boot time if present.

    To load this release, please flash user1.4096.new.4.bin at 0x1000 ,
    user2.4096.new.4.bin at 0X81000 and blank.bin at 0x7e000 & 0x3fe000
    After that, all next updates are done with the On The Air (OTA) feature.
    New binaries are hosted at http://karadio.karawin.fr .

    See also https://hackaday.io/project/11570-wifi-webradio-with-esp8266-and-vs1053

Loading the esp8266

The binaries are on ESP8266-Firmware/bin/upgrade/

First use

  • If the acces point of your router is not known, the webradio inits itself as an AP. Connect the wifi of your computer to the ssid "WifiWebRadio",
  • Browse to to display the page, got to "setting" "Wifi" and configure your ssid ap, the password if any, the wanted IP or use dhcp if you know how to retrieve the dhcp given ip (terminal or scan of the network).
  • In the gateway field, enter the ip address of your router.
  • Validate. The equipment restart to the new configuration. Connect your wifi to your AP and browse to the ip given in configuration.
  • Congratulation, you can edit your own station list. Dont forget to save your stations list in case of problem or for new equipments.
  • if the AP is already know by the esp8266, the default ip is given by dhcp.
  • a sample of stations list is on https://github.com/karawin/ESP8266-WebRadio/blob/master/ESP8266-Firmware/WebStations.txt . Can be uploaded via the web page.


Please tell me if you succeded or something more can be done, thanks.
The second step will add some hardware buttons (vol + -, station + -, play ...)

screenshot screenshot screenshot

2016,April (Karawin):

Used hardware

WiFi : ESP8266 (ESP-12 with 32Mbits flash)
Additional MCU (as a bridge UART<=>UI): AVR
Audio decoder: VS1053