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The bootstrapper depends on three things: ruby, rake, and bundler. Assuming you have ruby and ruby gems installed on your system: gem install rake bundler. Then:

bash < <( curl )

Don't worry, all your old files will be backed up!

Stay Updated

Rake tasks!

cd ~/.dotfiles
rake update install


Overview of my vim setup. Sensible defaults!


Reference to vim mappings.


  • ,c Toggle invisibles.
  • ,ls Show buffers (same as :buffers).
  • ,n Toggle NERD Tree file explorer.
  • ,p Toggle paste mode.
  • ,qs Toggle search highlight.
  • ,qq Close Quickfix window (think Ack.vim).
  • ,ss Strip all trailing whitespace in buffer.
  • ,W Sudo write!
  • Y Yank from cursor to end of line (same as y$).
  • ,] Indent current block.
  • ,[ Outdent current block.
  • ,⏎ Insert newline.

As well , , , and may be used in completions menus. <PageUp> and <PageDown> work in both insert and command mode.


  • + Increase split size.
  • - Decrease split size.


  • ,mp Preview markdown buffer with Github styles.
  • ,mf Render markdown buffer to html in a file.
  • ,mt Render markdown buffer to html in a tab.


  • :W Alias to :w because I'm always typing it.


Installed plugins and syntax files.

  • Ack
  • Cocoa
  • Command-T
  • CSS-color
  • Gist
  • Haml
  • Histwin
  • Jade
  • Javascript
  • Markdown
  • Nerdcommenter
  • Nerdtree
  • Pastie
  • Pathogen
  • Repeat
  • Snipmate
  • Sparkup
  • Surround


Most of the shell junk is setup to work in both zsh and bash. Bash users should see .bash_profile and .bash_prompt.


Check out .aliases


Additional useful scripts bundled:

  • ack
  • bookmarklet


I've included some handy git script additions as well as configution changes. Have a look at .gitconfig to see various aliases and settings.

Additional scripts (see .scripts directory for source):

  • git-publish-branch
  • git-rank-contributors
  • git-rbranch
  • git-review
  • git-show-merges
  • git-wtf


Sensible configurations exist for:

  • Ack
  • Awesome Print
  • RubyGems
  • Git
  • IRB
  • TMUX
  • Vim
  • GVim / MacVim