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<project name="jQuery" default="jquery" basedir=".">
To get jQuery even smaller, remove the modules you don't need by removing the fileset elements
in the jquery-target, for example leaving only these:
<fileset dir="${SRC_DIR}" includes="intro.js" />
<fileset dir="${SRC_DIR}" includes="core.js" />
<fileset dir="${SRC_DIR}" includes="selector.js" />
<fileset dir="${SRC_DIR}" includes="event.js" />
<fileset dir="${SRC_DIR}" includes="outro.js" />
That'd remove ajax, fx and offset support, leaving basic selectors, manipulation and event handling.
<!-- SETUP -->
<property description="Source Folder" name="SRC_DIR" value="src" />
<property description="Files for parsing etc." name="BUILD_DIR" value="build" />
<property description="YUICompressor" name="YUICompressor" value="${BUILD_DIR}/yuicompressor-2.4.2.jar" />
<loadfile description="Version to build" property="version" srcfile="version.txt" />
<property description="Folder for jquery, min, lite and packed target" name="DIST_DIR" value="./dist" />
<!-- Files names for distribution -->
<property name="JQ" value="${DIST_DIR}/jquery.js" />
<property name="JQ_LITE" value="${DIST_DIR}/jquery.lite.js" />
<property name="JQ_MIN" value="${DIST_DIR}/jquery.min.js" />
<property name="JQ_PACK" value="${DIST_DIR}/jquery.pack.js" />
<loadfile property="version" srcfile="version.txt" />
<!-- MAIN -->
<target name="jquery" description="Main jquery build, concatenates source files and replaces @VERSION">
<echo message="Building ${JQ}" />
<mkdir dir="${DIST_DIR}" />
<concat destfile="${JQ}">
<fileset dir="${SRC_DIR}" includes="intro.js" />
<fileset dir="${SRC_DIR}" includes="core.js" />
<fileset dir="${SRC_DIR}" includes="data.js" />
<fileset dir="${SRC_DIR}" includes="event.js" />
<fileset dir="${SRC_DIR}" includes="support.js" />
<fileset dir="${SRC_DIR}" includes="selector.js" />
<fileset dir="${SRC_DIR}" includes="traversing.js" />
<fileset dir="${SRC_DIR}" includes="attributes.js" />
<fileset dir="${SRC_DIR}" includes="manipulation.js" />
<fileset dir="${SRC_DIR}" includes="css.js" />
<fileset dir="${SRC_DIR}" includes="ajax.js" />
<fileset dir="${SRC_DIR}" includes="fx.js" />
<fileset dir="${SRC_DIR}" includes="offset.js" />
<fileset dir="${SRC_DIR}" includes="dimensions.js" />
<fileset dir="${SRC_DIR}" includes="outro.js" />
<replaceregexp match="@VERSION" replace="${version}" flags="g" byline="true" file="${JQ}" />
<replaceregexp match="Date: " replace="Date: ${date}" file="${JQ}" />
<replaceregexp match="Revision: " replace="Revision: ${revision}" file="${JQ}" />
<echo message="${JQ} built." />
<target name="min" depends="jquery" description="Remove all comments and whitespace, no compression, great in combination with GZip">
<echo message="Building ${JQ_MIN}" />
<apply executable="java" parallel="false" verbose="true" dest="${DIST_DIR}">
<fileset dir="${DIST_DIR}">
<include name="jquery.js" />
<arg line="-jar" />
<arg path="${YUICompressor}" />
<arg value="--charset" />
<arg value="ANSI" />
<arg value="-o" />
<targetfile />
<mapper type="glob" from="jquery.js" to="jquery.min.js" />
<echo message="${JQ_MIN} built." />
<target name="pack" depends="jquery" description="Remove all comments and whitespace and compress">
<echo message="Building ${JQ_PACK}" />
<java jar="${JAR}" fork="true">
<arg value="${BUILD_DIR}/build/pack.js" />
<arg value="${JQ}" />
<arg value="${JQ_PACK}" />
<echo message="${JQ_PACK} built." />
<target name="runtest">
<echo message="Running Automated Test Suite" />
<java jar="${JAR}" fork="true">
<arg value="${BUILD_DIR}/runtest/test.js" />
<echo message="Test Suite Finished" />
<target name="clean">
<delete dir="${DIST_DIR}" />
<target name="all" depends="clean,jquery,min,pack">
<echo message="Build complete." />
<target name="openAjaxMetadata">
<property name="target" value="openAjaxMetadata-jquery-${version}.xml" />
<delete file="dist/jquery-*.xml" />
<get src="" dest="${target}" />
<xslt includes="${target}" excludes="build.xml" destdir="./dist" style="build/style.xsl" extension=".xml" />
<delete file="${target}" />