First open source DPoS delegate pool made for Lisk soon with possibility to issue custom tokens to voters!
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Lisk Pool

This is first and fully open source Lisk delegate forging pool (also known as delegate reward sharing). Written in PHP. preview

Tokens and Dapps

In further updates LiskPool will allow to prepare or pregenerate genesis blocks to custom dapps allowing to distribute own tokens to voters, exact details yet to be announced by LiskHQ.


MariaDB server
Lisk Node


Only public directory must be served with webserver. While config.php and private should not be served.


Liskpool now fully relies on Lisk-PHP to interact with Lisk node, including transaction signing.

cd liskpool
git submodule update --init --recursive
cd lisk-php
cd ..
apt-get install nginx mariadb-server memcached php-memcached php php-curl

Setup mariadb server, nginx and import database scheme


Navigate to config.php

lisk_nodes & lisk_ports You can add here more independent nodes which are used to determine node with best height. It keeps pool updated with most recent state of network, prevents messing up charts in case of forks and other issues.

$lisk_nodes = array('localhost','');
$lisk_ports = array('5000','5000');
return array(
    'host' => 'localhost',
	'username' => 'root',     //<- Database user
	'password' => 'dbpass',  //<- Database Password
	'bdd' => 'lisk', //<- Database name
	'lisk_host' => $lisk_nodes,
	'lisk_port' => $lisk_ports,
	'protocol' => 'http',
	'pool_fee' => '25.0%', //<- adjustable pool fee as float for ex. "25.0%"
	'pool_fee_payout_address' => '', //<- Pool revenue address
	'delegate_address' => '', //<- Delegate address - must be valid forging delegate address
	'payout_threshold' => '0.2', //<- Payout threshold in LSK
	'withdraw_interval_in_sec' => '604800', //<- Withdraw script interval represented in seconds
	'secret' => 'passphrase1', //<- Main passphrase the same your as in your forging delegate
	'secondSecret' => '', //<- Second passphrase, leave empty if only one enabled
	'fancy_withdraw_hub' => '', //<- Put here passphrase to withdraw from different account
	'public_directory' => 'public', //<- directory name of public dir served with webserver
	'cap_balance' => '150000000000000', //<- balance to cap voter votepower, default - anything over 1.5m LSK will be reduced to 1.5m
	'support_standby_delegates' => '5',	//<- automatically donate standby delegates
	'support_standby_delegates_amount' => '5000000000000',
	'slow_withdraw' => true //<- With payouts >1k lisk tx pool limit problem, it withdraws slower when true

pool_fee_payout_address address specified for pool fee should be voting for delegate or should be manually added to table "miners".


(Managing and starting liskpool will be moved under one shell script)

Navigate to /private/ directory and start background scripts:

Node height checker, necessary even there is only one defined

screen -dmS bestnode php bestnode.php

Updating cache - this script updates and cache data

screen -dmS cacher php cacher.php

Block Processing - this script checks if delegate forged new block, if so it will split as defined in config

screen -dmS processing php processing.php

Updating charts - this script updates data to keep charts up to date.

screen -dmS stats php stats.php

Withdraw script - this script withdraws revenue as defined in config. It features multithreaded withdraw processing if your cpu has multiple cores or supports htt. Technically, it's more like forking rather threading, however it was simplier to implement and saves some time building php with zts enabled.

screen -dmS withdraw php withdraw.php

If you want to support Liskstats contributors and Liskstats itself use also script below. This script connects to and retrieve all current contributors. Every contributor is added to split with "fake" votepower which is defined in processing.php.

screen -dmS liskstats php liskstats.php

Optional Balance checker - Simple script to compare total LISK value stored in database in reference to actual LISK stored on delegate account.

cd helpers
php check.php

All background scripts can be easily accessed with
NAME = "processing" or "stats" or "withdraw" or "bestnode" or "liskstats"
screen -x NAME
screen -x processing


Liskpool works great along with Lisk-forging-failover, it's compatible with shared library. Just pull it in main directory. Then follow instruction from Lisk-forging-failover repository.

git clone
cd Lisk-forging-failover

Public API

Specified voter balance data for balance chart, respectively entitled pool balance, network balance and withdraw amount.


General data for charts


General pool info


Current forged balance for each voter / contributor

api/info/forged/?by=ADDRESS good and bad nodes for processing.php



As soon any of background scripts gets excuted, logs directory will appear in private directory. It will store all logs of all background scripts.

Migration from older version of pool

In past all chart data was stored in database tables, however with millions of rows and cheap vps it could have been possible bottleneck with thousands of voters and more. If you are pool operator and you want to keep all statistics history.

  1. Stop all background scripts
  2. Navigate to /helpers/ directory in /private/
  3. Execute php db2files.php all or screen -dmS dump php db2files.php all
  4. Wait until it finish, it can take hours for huge database. If your connection might drop, possibly execute this as background job choosing second command.
  5. Start updated background scripts.
  6. Tables pool_xxx and miner_balance can be deleted.


If you want to contribute, fork and pull request or open issue.


Liskpool - MIT License,
Opensource libraries used
HTML5 Boilerplate v5.0 | MIT License
Plotly.js | MIT License
Lisk-PHP | MIT License
Modernizr 2.8.3 (Custom Build) | MIT License
Respond.js v1.4.2 | MIT License
jquery | MIT License
normalize.css v3.0.2 | MIT License