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My current webpage.

It gets hosted on for free (!).

It is now running at

Functionality of this hacked-together code:

  • it gets hosted both as HTTP and Gemini
    • Gemini is a simple Gopher-like protocol that nobody uses
    • see gemini:// with LaGrange browser
    • 90% of complexity in this code is that it serves both gemini and http
    • it is using and code, but very heavily modified. I will probably simplify it further if I ever have time (not).
    • I keep using the gemini stuff even when it has 0 views; I like how it forces me to make the webpage ridiculously simple
  • it auto-deployes on using github workflows
  • it saves visit data to SQLite that is also on and displays them on
  • it works both locally with go run . and with deployments to, including the SQLite
  • choronocomics has index of supermegamonkey comics archive, and some experiments with react/redux
  • the actual content is in public/, in raw gemini format

It is licensed GPLv3, mainly because kineto is


my current website







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