Brings UIManagedDocument's design to OS X
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A document class that mimics UIManagedDocument to support Core Data in all its modern glory:

  • Saves to a file package

  • On 10.7+, asynchronous saving is supported. We set up a parent/child pair of contexts; the parent saves on its own thread

  • Full support for concurrent document opening too

  • Subclasses can hook in to manage additional content inside the package

  • A hook is also provided at the best time to set metadata for the store

  • New docs have the bundle bit set on them. It means that if the doc gets transferred to a Mac without your app installed, with the bundle bit still intact, it will still appear in the Finder as a file package rather than a folder

  • If the document moves on disk, Core Data is kept informed of the new location

  • If multiple validation errors occur during saving, the presented error is adjusted to make debugging a little easier

  • And of course, full support for Autosave-In-Place and Versions

License (BSD)

Standard BSD licence.

Please see the header file for the full text.


Documentation is automatically generated from BSManagedDocument.h and published at


Add BSManagedDocument .m and .h to your Xcode project and carry on your merry way. Or if it's more your style of thing, we're on CocoaPods too.