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// CKConnectionClient.h
// Connection
// Created by Mike on 15/01/2009.
// Copyright 2009 Karelia Software. All rights reserved.
#import <Foundation/Foundation.h>
#import "CKConnectionClientProtocol.h"
@class CKAbstractConnection;
typedef struct __flags {
// There are 21 callbacks & flags.
// Need to keep NSObject Category, __flags list, setDelegate: updated
unsigned permissions:1;
unsigned cancel:1; // deprecated
unsigned didCancel:1;
unsigned changeDirectory:1;
unsigned createDirectory:1;
unsigned deleteDirectory:1;
unsigned deleteDirectoryInAncestor:1;
unsigned deleteFileInAncestor:1;
unsigned discoverFilesToDeleteInAncestor:1;
unsigned discoverFilesToDeleteInDirectory:1;
unsigned deleteFile:1;
unsigned didBeginUpload:1;
unsigned didConnect:1;
unsigned didDisconnect:1;
unsigned directoryContents:1;
unsigned didBeginDownload:1;
unsigned downloadFinished:1;
unsigned downloadPercent:1;
unsigned downloadProgressed:1;
unsigned error:1;
unsigned rename:1;
unsigned uploadFinished:1;
unsigned uploadPercent:1;
unsigned uploadProgressed:1;
unsigned directoryContentsStreamed:1;
unsigned fileCheck:1;
unsigned authorizeConnection:1;
unsigned cancelAuthorization:1;
unsigned isRecursiveDeleting:1;
unsigned passphrase:1;
unsigned transcript:1;
unsigned padding:2;
} CKConnectionDelegateFlags;
@class RunLoopForwarder;
@interface CKConnectionClient : NSObject <CKConnectionClient, NSURLAuthenticationChallengeSender>
CKAbstractConnection *_connection; // Weak ref
CKConnectionDelegateFlags _flags;
RunLoopForwarder *_forwarder;
// Authentication
NSURLAuthenticationChallenge *_currentAuthenticationChallenge;
NSURLAuthenticationChallenge *_originalAuthenticationChallenge;
NSThread *_authenticationThread;
- (id)initWithConnection:(CKAbstractConnection *)connection;
- (CKAbstractConnection *)connection;
- (void)setDelegate:(id)delegate;
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