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// KSUniformType.h
// Sandvox
// Created by Mike Abdullah on 01/04/2012.
// Copyright (c) 2012 Karelia Software. All rights reserved.
#import <Foundation/Foundation.h>
@interface KSUniformType : NSObject
NSString *_identifier;
+ (NSString *)MIMETypeForType:(NSString *)aUTI;
+ (NSString *)OSTypeStringForType:(NSString *)aUTI;
+ (OSType)OSTypeForType:(NSString *)aUTI;
// Unlike -typeOfFile:error: this will fallback to guessing from the path extension
+ (NSString *)typeOfFileAtURL:(NSURL *)url;
+ (NSString *)typeForFilenameExtension:(NSString *)anExtension;
+ (NSString *)typeForMIMEType:(NSString *)aMIMEType;
+ (NSString *)typeForOSTypeString:(NSString *)aFileType;
+ (NSString *)typeForOSType:(OSType)anOSType;
#pragma mark Creating a KSUniformType Instance
+ (id)uniformTypeWithFilenameExtension:(NSString *)extension;
+ (id)bestGuessUniformTypeForURL:(NSURL *)url;
+ (id)uniformTypeWithIdentifier:(NSString *)identifier; // lenient and handles nil identifier by returning nil
// KSUniformType returns the right to return nil should the identifier be unsuitable (a la NSURL). This doesn't happen at present though
// Designated initializer
- (id)initWithIdentifier:(NSString *)uti;
#pragma mark Properties
@property(nonatomic, readonly, copy) NSString *identifier;
- (NSString *)MIMEType;
#pragma mark Testing Uniform Type Identifiers
// Equality is determined by UTTypeEqual(). As a result, all KSUniformType instances have the same hash, and so are poor for placing in sets and as dictionary keys
- (BOOL)isEqualToType:(NSString *)type;
- (BOOL)conformsToType:(NSString *)type;
+ (BOOL)type:(NSString *)type1 isEqualToType:(NSString *)anotherUTI;
+ (BOOL)type:(NSString *)type conformsToOneOfTypes:(NSArray *)types;
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