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// KSWorkspaceUtilities.h
// Sandvox
// Created by Mike on 28/04/2011.
// Copyright 2005-2011 Karelia Software. All rights reserved.
#import <Cocoa/Cocoa.h>
#define KSWORKSPACE [NSWorkspace sharedWorkspace]
@interface NSWorkspace (KSWorkspaceUtilities)
#pragma mark Manipulating Uniform Type Identifier Information
- (NSString *)ks_MIMETypeForType:(NSString *)aUTI;
- (NSString *)ks_OSTypeStringForType:(NSString *)aUTI;
- (OSType)ks_OSTypeForType:(NSString *)aUTI;
// Unlike -typeOfFile:error: this will fallback to guessing from the path extension
- (NSString *)ks_typeOfFileAtURL:(NSURL *)url;
- (NSString *)ks_typeForFilenameExtension:(NSString *)anExtension;
- (NSString *)ks_typeForMIMEType:(NSString *)aMIMEType;
- (NSString *)ks_typeForOSTypeString:(NSString *)aFileType;
- (NSString *)ks_typeForOSType:(OSType)anOSType;
- (BOOL)ks_type:(NSString *)type1 isEqualToType:(NSString *)anotherUTI;
- (BOOL)ks_type:(NSString *)type conformsToOneOfTypes:(NSArray *)types;
#pragma mark Requesting Information
- (NSImage *)ks_iconForType:(NSString *)aUTI;
#pragma mark Bundle Bit
- (void)ks_setBundleBit:(BOOL)flag forFileAtURL:(NSURL *)url;
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