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Cocoa Class wrapping libcurl
C Objective-C Shell
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CURLHandle is a high level Objective-C interface to the libcurl library.

It was originally created by Dan Wood of Karelia Software, way back in the mists of time, when dinosaurs still roamed the earth (ok, sometime around 2001).

It is now mostly maintained by Mike Abdullah (also of Karelia), with guest appearances by Sam Deane of Elegant Chaos.


This documentation is under development.

Eventually, full documentation will be found on the github pages.




This package contains the following top-level items:

  • CURLHandleSource -- folder containing project that makes CURLHandle.framework.
  • CURLHandleTesterSource -- folder containing project that makes; a useful "template" for making sure your own projects properly include CURLHandle framework.
  • curl -- git submodule containing the libcurl source
  • c-ares -- git submodule containing the libcares source
  • SFTP -- git submodule containing libssh2 and associated support files
  • Scripts -- miscellaneous scripts
  • Documentation -- source files for the documentation, including the release notes
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