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/* =============================================================================
FILE: UKFSEventsWatcher.h
COPYRIGHT: (c) 2008 Peter Baumgartner, all rights reserved.
AUTHORS: Peter Baumgartner
2008-06-09 PB Created.
========================================================================== */
// -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
// Headers:
// -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
#import <Cocoa/Cocoa.h>
#import "UKFileWatcher.h"
#import <Carbon/Carbon.h>
// -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
// Class declaration:
// -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
@interface UKFSEventsWatcher : NSObject <UKFileWatcher>
id delegate; // Delegate must respond to UKFileWatcherDelegate protocol.
CFTimeInterval latency; // Time that must pass before events are being sent.
FSEventStreamCreateFlags flags; // See FSEvents.h
NSMutableDictionary* eventStreams; // List of FSEventStreamRef pointers in NSValues, with the pathnames as their keys.
NSCountedSet* eventStreamPaths; // To support a client adding the same path multiple times, we
// count the number of times it's been added, and only remove when
// the number goes to zero...
+ (id) sharedFileWatcher;
- (void) setLatency:(CFTimeInterval)latency;
- (CFTimeInterval) latency;
- (void) setFSEventStreamCreateFlags:(FSEventStreamCreateFlags)flags;
- (FSEventStreamCreateFlags) fsEventStreamCreateFlags;
// UKFileWatcher defines the methods: addPath: removePath: removeAllPaths: and delegate accessors.
// Our implementation differs from the basic UKFileWatcher protocol in that calls to
// addPath and removePath are expected to be balanced so that if for example addPath:
// is called twice with the same path, it should be called twice with removePath: to
// effect the actual ending of the FSEvent observation.
// removeAllPaths ensures that every watched path is no longer watched, regardless
// of the number of times addPath: has been called on a given path.
- (void) addPath: (NSString*)path;
- (void) removePath: (NSString*)path;
- (void) removeAllPaths;
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