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Latest commit 949ea05 Sep 26, 2016 @karelzak libsmartcols: support custom wrap and remove SCOLS_FL_WRAPNL
This new API provides full control on multi-line cells, you can wrap
text by new lines (build-in support) or by another way (after words,
commas, etc.) Changes:

* new scols_column_set_wrapfunc() sets pointers to two callback functions

   1/ chunksize() - returns largest data chunk size; used when we
                    calculate columns width
   2/ nextchunk() - terminate the current chunk and returns pointer to
                    the next; used when we print data

* remove SCOLS_FL_WRAPNL and add new functions scols_wrapnl_chunksize()
  and scols_wrapnl_nextchunk() to provide build-in functionality to
  wrap cells on \n

* remove scols_column_is_wrapnl() add scols_column_is_customwrap()
  (returns true if custom wrap functions are defined)

* add scols_column_set_safechars() and scols_column_get_safechars() to
  allow to control output encoding, safe chars are not encoded by \xFOO

* modify "fromfile" test code to use build-in scols_wrapnl_* callbacks
  for "wrapnl" tests

* add new function scols_column_get_table()

Signed-off-by: Karel Zak <>
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include debug: use const void * for ul_debugobj() Sep 21, 2016
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.travis.yml travis: add OSX build Mar 13, 2016
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COPYING docs: corrections to FSF license files, and postal address Feb 24, 2012
ChangeLog build-sys: use AUTOMAKE_OPTIONS = gnu May 26, 2011 build-sys: add tools/ May 25, 2016
NEWS build-sys: release++ (v2.28) Apr 12, 2016
README docs: update links to web repository views Nov 12, 2013
README.licensing COPYING: fix grammar of referring phrase, and indicate location better Oct 8, 2013 build-sys: fix [g]libtoolize version for OSX Feb 18, 2016 findmnt: (verify) add source verification Sep 23, 2016
util-linux.doap doap: fix download URL Jan 25, 2016



              util-linux is a random collection of Linux utilities

     Note that in years 2006-2010 this project used the name "util-linux-ng".





      Web interface:

          git clone git:// util-linux


      PO files are maintained by:


      Standard releases:


             major = fatal and deep changes
             minor = typical release with new features
             maint = maintenance releases; bug fixes only
             bugfix = unplanned releases for critical/security bugs

      Development releases: