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sfdisk: don't use BLKRRPART to check loopdev usage

It seesm that kernel always returns EINVAL for BLKRRPART on loop
devices, we call the ioctl to check if nobody else uses the device.

Signed-off-by: Karel Zak <>
latest commit a53e37f9d4
@karelzak authored
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Documentation docs: document --exclude for tests
bash-completion logger: add --skip-empty-lines to prevent logging empty lines
config build-sys: inform gtk-doc about __ul_attribute__
disk-utils sfdisk: don't use BLKRRPART to check loopdev usage
include libfdisk: support bootbits protection from (p)MBR
lib lib/sysfs.c: use fcntl(..F_DUPFD_CLOEXEC) instead of dup(2)
libblkid libblkid: fix compiler warnings
libfdisk libfdisk: support bootbits protection from (p)MBR
libmount libmount: add note about flock() to docs
libsmartcols lib/colors: use libtinfo to check terminal capability
libuuid build-sys: cleanup library symbol files
login-utils last, fix race when comparing time stamps
m4 build-sys: avoid icc warnings "ignoring unknown option"
misc-utils logger: --stderr and --no-act turn "auto-errors" on
po po: merge changes
schedutils chrt: add note about zero priority for IDLE and BATCH
sys-utils unshare: allow persisting mount namespaces
term-utils wall: do not use a temporary file.
tests tests: add old dump for sfdisk
text-utils tailf: deprecated
tools tools: add libfdisk docs to release generator
.gitignore zrmactl: add new command to control /dev/zramN devices travis: install socat >= 1.7.2
.travis.yml travis: whitelist travis* branches
AUTHORS docs: update AUTHORS file
COPYING docs: corrections to FSF license files, and postal address
ChangeLog build-sys: use AUTOMAKE_OPTIONS = gnu Revert "build-sys: remove static builds from make-check"
NEWS build-sys: release++ (v2.26)
README docs: update links to web repository views
README.licensing COPYING: fix grammar of referring phrase, and indicate location better build-sys: improve wording and punctuation of several messages Merge branch 'fix-tinfo-typo' of



              util-linux is a random collection of Linux utilities

     Note that in years 2006-2010 this project used the name "util-linux-ng".





      Web interface:

          git clone git:// util-linux


      PO files are maintained by:


      Standard releases:


             major = fatal and deep changes
             minor = typical release with new features
             maint = maintenance releases; bug fixes only
             bugfix = unplanned releases for critical/security bugs

      Development releases:

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