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Latest commit 344d861 Jan 20, 2017 @karelzak Merge branch 'shadow-man' of
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  chsh: use -h as shorthand for --help instead of -u
  man: chsh(1): add login.defs to SEE ALSO
  man: chfn(1): add chsh and login.defs to SEE ALSO
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Documentation column: rename --columns to --output-width Jan 17, 2017
bash-completion findmnt: add --tree to allow to enable tree output for --mtab Dec 8, 2016
config build-sys: inform gtk-doc about __ul_attribute__ Mar 15, 2013
disk-utils partx: add --sector-size option Jan 13, 2017
include lib/list: remove LIST_HEAD macro Jan 5, 2017
lib build-sys: test_linux_version is Linux only Jan 4, 2017
libblkid libblkid: add blkid_probe_set_sectorsize() Jan 13, 2017
libfdisk libfdisk: (gpt) make calculations more robust Jan 16, 2017
libmount libmount: Fix incorrect detach of reused loop device Jan 16, 2017
libsmartcols libsmartcols: add scols_cell_get_alignment() Jan 9, 2017
libuuid libuuid: unused parameter [-Wunused-parameter] Jan 5, 2017
login-utils Merge branch 'shadow-man' of Jan 20, 2017
m4 build-sys: cleanup UL_NCURSES_CHECK Dec 13, 2016
misc-utils wipefs: unused parameter [-Wunused-parameter] Jan 5, 2017
po po: merge changes Nov 8, 2016
schedutils Use --help suggestion on invalid option Dec 19, 2016
sys-utils build-sys: use MATH_LIBS for hwclock Jan 19, 2017
term-utils term-utils/script: fix typo leading to syntax error Jan 18, 2017
tests last: use --time-format instruction when printing wtmp creation time Jan 16, 2017
text-utils build-sys: fix compilation with ncurses and uClibc or musl libc Jan 20, 2017
tools build-sys: use sed to substitute Nov 29, 2016
.editorconfig add .editorconfig Jan 24, 2016
.gitignore chmem: new tool Nov 9, 2016 travis: let OSX auto-skip utmpx tools Dec 7, 2016
.travis.yml travis: add OSX build Mar 13, 2016
AUTHORS docs: update AUTHORS file Oct 19, 2016
COPYING docs: corrections to FSF license files, and postal address Feb 24, 2012
ChangeLog build-sys: use AUTOMAKE_OPTIONS = gnu May 26, 2011 build-sys: add tools/ May 25, 2016
NEWS docs: replace FTP by HTTPS in URLs Dec 19, 2016
README docs: replace FTP by HTTPS in URLs Dec 19, 2016
README.licensing COPYING: fix grammar of referring phrase, and indicate location better Oct 8, 2013 build-sys: fix [g]libtoolize version for OSX Feb 18, 2016 build-sys: use -lm for scriptreplay if necessary Jan 18, 2017
util-linux.doap docs: replace FTP by HTTPS in URLs Dec 19, 2016



              util-linux is a random collection of Linux utilities

     Note that in years 2006-2010 this project used the name "util-linux-ng".





      Web interface:

          git clone git:// util-linux


      PO files are maintained by:


      Standard releases:


             major = fatal and deep changes
             minor = typical release with new features
             maint = maintenance releases; bug fixes only
             bugfix = unplanned releases for critical/security bugs

      Development releases: