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Release schedule
The util-linux uses <major>.<minor>.<maint> version numbering.
Since the major version is pretty much fixed the release means an
upgrade of minor number. Minor version is update roughly twice
per year. Easiest way to estimate when next version will occur is
to see time stamp of previous release.
Before a release there are few release candidates, which will be
collectively tested. During test period changes to code base are
restricted. Usually there are two release candidates.
what length what will be accepted to upstream
rc1 1-2 weeks bug fixes only
rc2 1-2 weeks translations, fatal/trivial bug fixes
The period between a release and next release candidate can be considered as
merge window.
Release criteria
For all releases is required:
- make checkincludes pass
- make checkconfig pass
- make distcheck pass
- cd tests && ./ pass
- out-of-tree build works
cd .. && mkdir build && cd build && ../util-linux/configure && make
- ideally: build with uClibc, --with-slang
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