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* per partition table entry data
* The four primary partitions have the same sectorbuffer (MBRbuffer)
* and have NULL ext_pointer.
* Each logical partition table entry has two pointers, one for the
* partition and one link to the next one.
struct pte {
struct partition *part_table; /* points into sectorbuffer */
struct partition *ext_pointer; /* points into sectorbuffer */
char changed; /* boolean */
sector_t offset; /* disk sector number */
unsigned char *sectorbuffer; /* disk sector contents */
extern struct pte ptes[MAXIMUM_PARTS];
extern int dos_compatible_flag;
#define pt_offset(b, n) ((struct partition *)((b) + 0x1be + \
(n) * sizeof(struct partition)))
extern int ext_index; /* the prime extended partition */
extern sector_t extended_offset, sector_offset;
/* A valid partition table sector ends in 0x55 0xaa */
static inline unsigned int part_table_flag(unsigned char *b)
return ((unsigned int) b[510]) + (((unsigned int) b[511]) << 8);
static inline sector_t get_partition_start(struct pte *pe)
return pe->offset + get_start_sect(pe->part_table);
extern void dos_print_mbr_id(struct fdisk_context *cxt);
extern void dos_set_mbr_id(struct fdisk_context *cxt);
extern int is_dos_partition(int t);
extern void dos_init(struct fdisk_context *cxt);
extern int mbr_is_valid_magic(unsigned char *b);
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