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# Copyright (C) 2012 Karel Zak <>
# Usage: ko-release-gen [<directory>]
# This script prepares a new release for publishing on The
# hierarchy of release files is created in the <directory> (default directory
# is ""). Use case:
# make distcheck
# make changelog
# tools/ko-release-gen
# tools/ko-release-push
cd "$(git rev-parse --show-toplevel)" || {
echo "error: failed to chdir to git root"
exit 1
[ -f ".version" ] || \
echo "error: cannot found version file (call make distcheck)"
VERSION=$(cat .version)
VERSION_MAJOR=$(echo $VERSION | sed 's/-rc[0-9]//; s/\(.*\..*\)\..*/\1/')
VERSION_DOCS=$(echo $VERSION | sed 's/-rc[0-9]//')
GPG_CMD="gpg --use-agent --armor --detach-sign --quiet"
die() {
echo $1
exit 1
add_file() {
local src="$1"
local name=$(basename $1)
local subdir=$DISTDIR/${2:-""}
mkdir -p $subdir
cp $src $subdir || die "$src: copy failed"
[ -f $subdir/$name ] || die "$name not found"
echo -n " $subdir/$name ..."
case "$name" in
local sig=$(echo "$name" | sed 's/\.tar\.xz/.tar.sign/')
xz -d -c $subdir/$name | $GPG_CMD --output $subdir/$sig
local sig=$(echo "$name" | sed 's/\.tar\.gz/.tar.sign/')
gzip -d -c $subdir/$name | $GPG_CMD --output $subdir/$sig
local sig=$(echo "$name" | sed 's/\.tar\.bz2/.tar.sign/')
bzip2 -d -c $subdir/$name | $GPG_CMD --output $subdir/$sig
local sig="${name}.sign"
cat $subdir/$name | $GPG_CMD --output $subdir/$sig
echo " OK "
add_html_dir() {
local src="$1" # source dir
local tgt="$2" # target dir
for fl in $(ls $src/*.html $src/*.css $src/*.png); do
add_file $fl $tgt
rm -rf $DISTDIR
eval $(gpg-agent --daemon)
add_file util-linux-${VERSION}.tar.xz
add_file v${VERSION}-ChangeLog
add_file Documentation/releases/v${VERSION_DOCS}-ReleaseNotes
add_html_dir libmount/docs/html libmount-docs
add_html_dir libblkid/docs/html libblkid-docs
killall gpg-agent
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