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Signed-off-by: Karel Zak <>
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1 parent 5fdd350 commit 53e227cc8d46c4b6fc705ac6608460a8a8156436 @karelzak committed
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12 Documentation/TODO
@@ -46,8 +46,6 @@ partx
- support mapping by device-mapper if argv[0] is "kpartx" or --dm option is used.
- - (!) add regression tests for partx, addpart and delpart
@@ -89,13 +87,7 @@ libblkid
- - (!) add dialog to modify GPT partition attributes (strutct gpt_attr)
- - (!) improve gpt_write_disklabel() to support hybrid GPT. We don't want
- to generate hybrid GPT, but it would be nice to support manual MBR
- modification ('M' expert command). The function gpt_write_disklabel()
- has to detect hybrid PMBR and then print warning and write GPT, but
- keep PMBR unchanged.
+ [always check libfdisk branch at github!]
- (!) add 'I'nfo fommand to print all details about specified partition
(like offset, size, name, uuid, type, C/H/S, fstype)
@@ -105,6 +97,8 @@ fdisk(s)/libfdisk
any useless (small) areas between existing partitions.
+ (Note that libfdisk already supports freespace lists.)
- add "move end" command to move end of the last primary/extended partition.
This feature seems very attractive to users who resizing their disks
(for example in virtual machines).

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