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#!/usr/bin/env swiftshell
import SwiftShell
import FileSmith
import Foundation
extension Dictionary where Key:Hashable {
public func filterToDictionary <C: Collection> (keys: C) -> [Key:Value]
where C.Iterator.Element == Key, C.IndexDistance == Int {
var result = [Key:Value](minimumCapacity: keys.count)
for key in keys { result[key] = self[key] }
return result
// Prepare an environment as close to a new OS X user account as possible.
var cleanctx = CustomContext(main)
cleanctx.env = cleanctx.env.filterToDictionary(keys: cleanenvvars)
cleanctx.env["PATH"] = "/usr/local/bin:/usr/bin:/bin:/usr/sbin:/sbin"
// Create a temporary directory for testing.
cleanctx.currentdirectory = main.tempdirectory
do {
try cleanctx.runAndPrint("git", "clone", main.currentdirectory)
cleanctx.currentdirectory += DirectoryPath(main.currentdirectory).name
let testdir = try Directory(open: cleanctx.currentdirectory)
if testdir.contains("Makefile") {
let targets = "make -qp | awk -F':' '/^[a-zA-Z0-9][^$#\\/\t=]*:([^=]|$)/ {split($1,A,/ /);for(i in A)print A[i]}'")
if targets.contains("build") { try cleanctx.runAndPrint("make", "build") }
if targets.contains("test") { try cleanctx.runAndPrint("make", "test") }
if testdir.contains("Package.swift") {
// Use the version of Swift defined in ".swift-version".
// If that file does not exist, or that version is not installed, use the system default.
let dotversion ="cat", ".swift-version").stdout
let fullversion = dotversion.characters.count > 8 ? dotversion : dotversion + "-RELEASE"
cleanctx.env["TOOLCHAINS"] = ("defaults", "read", "/Library/Developer/Toolchains/swift-\(fullversion).xctoolchain/Info", "CFBundleIdentifier")
||"echo", "swift")
try cleanctx.runAndPrint("swift","build")
// If there are any unit tests, run them.
let packagedescription ="swift", "package", "describe")
if packagedescription.succeeded {
if packagedescription.stdout.contains("Test module: true") {
try cleanctx.runAndPrint("swift", "test")
} else { // Swift < 3.1
let runtests ="swift", "test")
if let error = runtests.error {
if !runtests.stderror.contains("no tests found to execute") {
main.stderror.write(runtests.stderror) // "swift test" prints results to stderror.
throw error
} else {
print("","Used temp directory", cleanctx.currentdirectory, separator: "\n")
try runAndPrint("say", "-v", "Daniel", "commit is okay")
} catch {
run("say", "-v", "Daniel", "commit is faulty")
try runAndPrint("open", ".") // open the temporary test folder in Finder.
print("","Used temp directory", cleanctx.currentdirectory, separator: "\n")
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