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use die face images

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1 parent 22526f6 commit a8a0727156a989ffb6651ef5893c8815c9c5ed1d tg127 committed Jul 29, 2012
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  1. +6 −6 app/views/home/_dice.html.erb
12 app/views/home/_dice.html.erb
@@ -1,17 +1,17 @@
<div id="area">
<div id="cube">
<div class="side front2"></div>
- <div class="side front">6</div>
+ <div class="side front"><%= image_tag 'face6.png' %></div>
<div class="side back2"></div>
- <div class="side back">3</div>
+ <div class="side back"><%= image_tag 'face3.png' %></div>
<div class="side bottom2"></div>
- <div class="side bottom">5</div>
+ <div class="side bottom"><%= image_tag 'face5.png' %></div>
<div class="side top2"></div>
- <div class="side top">2</div>
+ <div class="side top"><%= image_tag 'face2.png' %></div>
<div class="side right2"></div>
- <div class="side right">4</div>
+ <div class="side right"><%= image_tag 'face4.png' %></div>
<div class="side left2"></div>
- <div class="side left">1</div>
+ <div class="side left"><%= image_tag 'face1.png' %></div>
<div class="corners left">
<div class="cornerwrapper ftl"><div class="corner"></div></div>
<div class="cornerwrapper btr"><div class="corner"></div></div>

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