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1.2 2011-04-12
- Complete rewrite to resolve various issues (Karen Etheridge):
- constructor is not inlined (RT#66784)
- child classes cannot be slurpy if the parent is not (RT#66785)
- compatibility issues with Moose 2.0
- use from within a role
- interactions with MooseX::StrictConstructor are now reversed - if Strict
behaviour is applied to the class, it will take precedence over Slurpy
behaviour. This is a simply due to how method modification works in
Moose: the constructor cannot be "unmodified" again to tolerate arguments
that it already finds intolerable.
1.1 2010-08-29
- Previous versions didn't honour undefined predicates or lazy attributes
- fixed, with tests to ensure no regression in future.
- thanks to Christian Walde for report and fix.
- I'm surprised I never ran into this issue before now. :)
- Now avoids deprecation warnings about Moose::Util::MetaRole
- thanks again to Christian Walde for report
- Moved pod testing into xt dir
- Upped required Moose version to 0.94.
- Minor non-semantic changes.
0.94 2010-01-26
- Fixed tests to:
- remove tests about import to main package, as now allowed by Moose
- test file for bad usage wasn't active, due to bad filename, fixed.
- Changed versioning to be latest updated Moose version.
- No main code changes.
0.11 2009-07-28
- Avoid test failures when specific Test::* versions are used.
- No main code changes.
0.10 2009-07-13
- Honour 'slurpy' attributes 'init_arg' when determining if request is valid.
- Underlying implementation now wraps 'new' instead of BUILDARGS, to allow
slurpy attribute with no init_arg defined.
- Better error messages.
- Doesn't untar into the current directory when installing (oops, sorry!)
0.01 2009-07-06
- Initial version.