Epicodus Intro to Programming Week 5 Group Project with Aimen Khakwani, Jena SanCartier, and Katy Henning: Build a web-based game of risk.
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Version 1.0.0: August 31, 2016

A web-based game of risk by: Aimen Khakwani, J'ena SanCartier, Karen Freeman-Smith, and Katy Henning

project screenshot

Technologies Used

HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, jQuery


Game Setup

  • Create board objects
    • continents defined
      • input - start game
      • output - array of 6 continents with continent name
    • territories defined
      • input - continent name
      • output - array of territories in that continent
    • adjacent territories defined
      • input - territory name
      • output - array of adjacent territories
  • Allow 3-5 players
    • input and store player names in player objects
    • create player "card" in user interface to show current player's stats
  • Assign (random) territories and troops to players
    • assign each territory to a player (randomly, like dealing a deck of cards)
    • assign each player troops according to territories held
  • Create game dice
    • 3 - 6-sided black dice for attacks
    • 2 - 6-sided red dice for defense

Game Play (Each Turn)

  • Draft troops according to:
    • 1 troop for every 3 territories held
  • Attack neighboring countries until "hold"
    • You can keep attacking countries as long as you have troops (looping)
    • Each attack -
      • you can roll 1 die for up to 3 troops, as long as you have ONE troop left behind to defend territory. (rolls up to 3 dice-black)
      • defender chooses to defend with 1 or 2 troops, as long as they are available (rolls up to 2 dice-red)
      • order all dice highest to lowest so that you compare highest black to highest red, and so on to determine who "wins" each battle. (defense wins ties)
      • loser for each die matchup removes 1 troop from their territory.
      • ignore extra dice
  • Reassigning territory when all troops are removed after a battle
    • winner gets losers territory
  • Create user interface for attacking player and defending player
    • Show any continents held
    • Show countries held and number of troops in each country
      • Update countries in list if they are reassigned after a battle
    • Update troop numbers when battles are won/lost
    • Update number of troops player can draft at start of next turn

End Game on World Domination

  • Determine if any player holds all territories - they win, game over


Support & Contact

For questions, concerns, or suggestions please email karenfreemansmith@gmail.com

Known Issues

  • The program does not stop subtracting from troops if troop number hits 0
  • Some battles end with attacking country having -1 troops
  • The program allows user to attack themselves
  • The attacking list does not display territory owner by color
  • Sometimes defending country displays with wrong team color
  • Too many dice display sometimes (are not hidden if attack troops go down, but don't seem to roll again)
  • Stuff stays on screen after battles or turn end that should be hidden or reset

What is next

  • Assign bonus troops for countries owned
  • Add troop maneuvers at the end of each turn
  • Add cards at the end of each turn
  • Add objectives and rewards (3 objectives won)
  • Add cities and capitols
  • Artificial intelligence


Licensed under the GNU General Public License v3.0

Copyright (c) 2016 Aimen Khakwani, J'ena SanCartier, Karen Freeman-Smith, and Katy Henning All Rights Reserved.