Epicodus Java Week 4 Pair Project with Sara Jensen: Build a web application to manage a doctor's office with Java, Spark, and PostgreSQL.
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Doctor's Office

Version 0.0.0: October 7, 2016

by Karen Freeman-Smith and Sara Jensen



A program to manage a doctor's Office

User Stories

  • As an administrator, I want to add a doctor to the database with a name and specialty.
  • As an administrator, I want to add a patient with their name and birthdate.
  • As an administrator, I want to be able to assign a patient to a doctor for care.
  • As a doctor, I need to see the list of patients that have been assigned to me.

Database Diagram

database diagram


Behavior Input Output
Add a doctor Dr. Carter, General Practitioner; Dr. Zed, Pediatrician Dr. Carter, General Practitioner
Add a patient Joe Smith, 10-19-1975; Sue Smith, 1-12-93 Joe Smith, 10-19-1975
Assign patient to doctor Dr. Carter, Joe Smith; Dr. Zed, Sue Smith Dr. Carter, Joe Smith
View patient list by doctor Dr. Carter Joe Smith (and others)
View doctor list by specialty General Practitioner Dr. Carter
View doctors alphabetically with patient count N/A Dr. Carter (1), Dr. Zed (1)


Support & Contact

For questions, concerns, or suggestions please email karenfreemansmith@gmail.com

Known Issues

  • N/A

Technologies Used

Java, JUnit, Spark, Gradle, Postgres


Licensed under the GNU General Public License v3.0

Copyright (c) 2016 Copyright Karen Freeman-Smith & Sara Jensen All Rights Reserved.