Epicodus Java Week 3 Individual Project: Build a website to manage a hair salon using RESTful routing in Java & Spark with a PostgreSQL database and tested with jUnit.
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Spark Salon

Version 0.0.0: September 23, 2016

by Karen Freeman-Smith


Final Project for Week 3, Java at Epicodus. A program to manage a hair salon with stylists and clients using Java, PostgreSQL, and Spark with JUnit tests and RESTful routing.

screenshot of project running


User Stories:

  • As a salon employee, I need to be able to see a list of all our stylists.
  • As an employee, I need to be able to select a stylist, see their details, and see a list of all clients that belong to that stylist.
  • As an employee, I need to add new stylists to our system when they are hired.
  • As an employee, I need to be able to add new clients to a specific stylist.
  • As an employee, I need to be able to update a stylist's details.
  • As an employee, I need to be able to update a client's details.
  • As an employee, I need to be able to delete a stylist if they're no longer employed here.
  • As an employee, I need to be able to delete a client if they no longer visit our salon.

Database Diagram:

database diagram

Technical Specifications:

Behavior Input Output
Store stylist name Cheryl Cheryl
Assign stylist id Cheryl # > 0
List all stylists n/a List size >1
Update stylist info Cheryl > Steve Steve
Delete stylists id# null
Store client info:
List clients by stylist stylist# List size > 0
assign client id Karen # > 0
firstname Karen Karen
lastname Freeman Freeman
address 1710 Henderson Ave 1710 Henderson Ave
city Eugene Eugene
state OR OR
zip 97403 97403
phonenumber 503-331-2346 503-331-2346
email karen@sample.com karen@sample.com
age 50 50
notes allergies allergies
Update client info (age) 50 > 52 52
Delete clients id# null
Store appointments:
assign appointment id 2016-10-19 10:00 # > 0
date and time 2016-10-19 10:00 October 19, 2016 10am
procedure hair cut & color hair cut & color
price 25 $25.00
Update appointment info (procedure) hair cut & color > hair cut hair cut, (price) $10.00
Delete appointments id# null
Store procedures:
assign procedure id hair cut & color # > 0
description hair cut & color hair cut & color
price 25 $25.00
Update procedures (price) 25 > 35 $35.00
Delete procedures id# null


  • Clone directory
  • Setup database in PSQL:
    • CREATE DATABASE hair_salon;
    • \c hair_salon
    • CREATE TABLE clients (id serial PRIMARY KEY, stylistid int, firstname varchar, lastname varchar, phonenumber varchar, address varchar, city varchar, state varchar, zip int, email varchar, age int, notes varchar);
    • CREATE TABLE stylists (id serial PRIMARY KEY, name varchar);
    • CREATE TABLE appointments (id serial PRIMARY KEY, time varchar, procedureid int, clientid int);
    • CREATE TABLE procedures (id serial PRIMARY KEY, description varchar, price float);
    • CREATE DATABASE hair_salon_test WITH TEMPLATE hair_salon;
  • OR ... restore database from backup by running
    • CREATE DATABASE hair_salon;
    • psql hair_salon < db_backup.sql
    • CREATE DATABASE hair_salon_test;
    • psql hair_salon_test < db_backup.sql
  • Type 'gradle run' inside the directory
  • Navigate to 'http://localhost:4567'

Support & Contact

For questions, concerns, or suggestions please email karenfreemansmith@gmail.com

Known Issues

  • N/A

Technologies Used

Java, JUnit, Spark, PostgreSQL, Gradle


Licensed under the GNU General Public License v3.0

Copyright (c) 2016 Copyright Karen Freeman-Smith All Rights Reserved.