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Commits on Jan 8, 2015
  1. * Deleted test files not used

    *article_control.html template: 
     -javascript: added two columns to docitem: tofrom and   filter name
     - added stub to delete a list of items
     - cosmetic changes
     - set up run button for import of docitems starting with NewsDigest_Newsitem index
    * docUpdate.htm template (crud for docitem) form: 
     - cosmetic changes
     - added PreCat (Pre-Category) update radio buttons (needs a little fixing still)
     - deleted countries sections dropdown
    * login.htm template:
     - added a Clone to test option: clones a production docitem to the test system on the Mac (does not work)
    *selectUpdt_item.htm template (crud for docitem in a list):
     - added information tooltips for all fields on the form as a volunteer aid.
     - added radio buttons to choose PreCat value (similar to docUpdate above)
    *selectUpdt_top.htm template
     - Regular sect subs: changed size of dropdown
    *straight.htm template
     - changed [body] command to new [STRBODY] command which handles paragraphs
    *summarize.htm template 
     - fixed Note textarea (not sure this was necessary)
     - lines 51-235 cosmetic changes to code
     - fixed code to display just one article for use in new approach to displaying changes made by outside organizations such as the Maidu group, population committee, etc.
     - added action = 'dev' to command line for testing
     - added capability to delete from a list of items
     - line 361: removed emailed list processing
     - line 389: added command maiduUpdtItem which comes from the Maidu update form and stores the item (in
     - Everything below this is a cosmetic change
    * : added a test_scriptpath for use (where?)
     - Deleted a lot of code all duplicated somewhere else 
       DB_get_switches_counts, print_db_switches_counts, create_switches_counts, create_counters, get_count, getAddtoCount, subtractFromCount, getCount, writeCount, clearPopCount, readhitCount, etc, etc -
     - was picking up wrong column from a list of variables: fixed
     - line 114 prettied code
     - sub do_subsection: added filter
     - added code to handle new column tofrom = T or = N
     - line 226: fixed template code
     - line 251: added filter name (filter capability not yet being used
     - sub process_doclist: populated start and stop counts in a global hash $L
     - lines 273-375: prettier code
     - sub push_items_to_sort: passed variables (removing them from globals)
     - sub push_items_to_sort: added get_fromSSname, replacing use of two-dimensional hash $SS (doesn't work)
     - removed kDocid and kStratus population - not used
     - Fixed code to check tofrom before listing
     - populated hash $L variable stop_count
     - lines 490-527: call to display_doc passed and received ckItemnbr; also stop if itemcnt > stop_count
     - sub display_doc: fixed check of chkItemcnt
     - removed $prev_docid = $docid (already in sub sort_n_out)
     - sub write_index_flatfile: removed parameter $cOrder and picked it up lower down in the code (was getting the wrong order)
     - changed error message on write of section file
     - changed default docloc to 'M' instead of $default_docloc
     - added code to tell user what's happening; also code for deleting and a delete count
     - added code for first-time import, import exported indexes, and exporting indexes; also for restoring flatfile indexes
     - made body local
     - changed $first to linecnt = 1 when parsing body lines
     - 2nd line is the headline and may contain other than the headline (pulled out in &pull_from_headline.)
     - no more need to save-sectsubs
     - sub links_separate_finish: Get $D sectsubs from global has $A sectsubs (in
     - code added to parse through stuff in the headline before the actual headline, like precat (@precatCode) and priority stars (one or two asterisks)
     - added fromtoSSname, and cFiltername; changed fromsectsubid to fromtoSSid
     - deleted two dimensional hash $SS
     - sub flatfile_getrows_2array: added $SSid($sectsub)
     - sub DB_getrows_2array: added tofrom and filter name
          .removed code to clear variables (not needed - everything went to $SS hash
          .added code to clear_SS_variables
     - sub split_Section_ctrlB: 
          .added a move of sectsub variables to a two dimension hash $SS2 why?)
          . added a move of sectsub variables to a one dimension has $SS
          . removed $cOrder code (now coming from a global hash variable)
          .sub get_sectsubid: added $ssid = $SSid{sectsubname} stored earlier when parsing sectubs; changed $id to less ambiguous $ssid.
          .sub DB_get_secsubid: changed $SSid to $ssid
          .added sub DB_get_fromSSname using a DB select
          .removed sub get_new_sectsubs and get_new_sectsub (not used?)
          .added sub get_SSorFromToSS
          .sub get_tosectsubid: used my $tofromid instead of $id
          .sub add_updt_sectsub_values: 
            -changed $fromsectsubid to $fromtoSSid and $fromsectsub to $fromtoSSname; added filter name
            - added filter name, tofrom to SQL; also changed above names in SQL and executes
          .sub add_updt_sectsub_values: 
    		- same type of changes as above
            - on printing sect subs dropdown, skip if $tofrom is T or N under specified database/flatfile conditions
          .sub print_stratus_add: change location of instructions about stratus
           .sub print_stratus_current: skip same as above
           .sub php_do_page: skip same as above (in two places)
           .added new sub get_new_sectsubs (for importing) and get_new_sectsub
           .sub import1st_sectsubs: changed sql to reflect changes to columns
           .sub create_sectsubs and import_sectsubs: ditto
           .changed email to admin when articles on suggested list are processed
       .added sub email_woa_prod to run above email
        .line 301 removed code for ** = priority 7 and * = priority 6 - it will be done elsewhere.
          - removed other code to a dummy sub
          - added sub pull-from-headline
        .sub refine_fullbody: removed comments
        .added sub prepare_fullbody - called by
        .added sub strip_lines_leadingSP_BR - did Greg add?
         .sub byebye_singleLF: remove push restriction
      .sub do_embedded_commands: 
         - added BODY=docid command used for outside organizations display of one docitem.
         - in SCRIPTPATH command added check for development to print scriptpath of either development or production
         - added PRECAT=precatcode command to check the right radio button
         - added STRBODY command to process paragraphs in the body of the article (used for an outside organization)
         - in THISSECTSUB command, changed derivation of thisSectusb
    *popclock_short.php: changed population table to go through July 2015
    *prepage/index.php: took out Twitter WoaPopAlerts; commented out WoaPop Twitter
    committed Jan 8, 2015
Commits on Feb 21, 2014
  1. MASSIVE CHANGES to prepare for docitems and indexes to go on database…

    …; put all docitem columns (variables) in a hash called D; Organized other variables: hash A = initial values from query or form; DT = date; Also misc fixes were made as I came across them, especially to make the intake process work better.
    article_control: Added 2 headlines links: Updt and Admin; also cosmetic changes
    login:           Fixed link to sign up/volunteers page  
    newItemParse:    Simplified; changed to handle links list mostly
    priorityItem:    Cosmetic; also corrected sort key display at end of item
    selectUpdt_Item: Changed skipauthor, miscinfo, note, pubday,source,region, fullbody, needsum;
                     got rid of Country
    summarize:       Old variables were being overridden by variables on form; removed all 
                     except docid, userid, access, fullbody and sectsubs
    SCRIPTS:     Added PUSH to ENV; rearranged requires
                    - rearranged init/clear at top
                    - added init_docitem; added hash %A, also %L for display_list; 
                    - passed more arguments where necessary to make it work
                    - localized some variables
                    - removed unnecessary comments
                    - added sub printsectsubs
                    - instead of read_docCount; changed to get_docCount    - changed $cgi_dir - did not work for development       - moved calc_idxSeqNbr to
                    - added in sub pad_count, padCount4, padCount6, strip0s_fromCount
                    - changed parse_form buffer - don't know why??  - changed dbh to DBH      - added sub clear_setvar ($SETVAR{'separator} = ""; DO NOT KNOW WHY??
                      it's from     - changed dbh to DBH         - added %DT hash with date variables; added to $chkyear and @pubyears
                    - fixed sub find_date_in_line: chgd s/$datelog// to s/$datelog//g
                    - various changes to make date parsing work better
                    - added get_woadatetm - moved padCount and other count routines elsewhere
                    - changed dbh to DBH      - deleted; now called ''      - changed init process to new hash %D; added code that will not be used
                      keep it there until next time
                    - many changes to hash %D; also changes to localize variables at times; too
                      risky to do them all.
                    - changed DB processing to put columns in hash %D; or insert from %D
                    - fixed or added DB processing as needed
                    - a lot of work needed to make INSIDE work again
                    - fixed treatment of summarize form
                    - delayed create sth until only when necessary
                    - moved some fullbody processing to
                    - code to change ** in headline to priority 7 and * to priority 6
                    - logged volunteer and sent an email
                    - changed docloc to stratus and tied to docitem until it goes on index
                    - added/fixed code for changebyfk, summarizerfk
                    - added/fixed code for woapubdatetm       - changed dbh to DBH - removed clear_helper_variables to another script        - changed sub printSkipContinue message       - moved sort_index, paging and other code to display_list
                     - delete or move sub toDeleteList_open, toDeleteList_write, close
                     - add sub total_items - is this in
                     - changed do_doclist_sql to DB_do_doclist_sql
                     - changed dbh to DBH
                     - moved DB_getlastpg2_woadatetm to        - sub links_separate: added prelink; incorporated %D hash
                     - added finish_fullbody         - changed dbh to DBH       - changed dbh to DBH      - comment: replaced by      - moved clear_sectsubs_variables to the top
                     - moved complete table to a 2-dimensional hash
                     - changed dbh to DBH
                     - rearranged subroutines
                     - fixed do_sectsubs
                     - deleted lifonum; changed docloc to stratus - added log_volunteer and email notification
                     - changed docloc to stratus
                     - added &get_sectsubid and &DB_add_to_indexes     - changed docloc to stratus
                     - check pubdate against earliest date
                     - if ** in headline, set priority 7; if * set to 6 - REDUNDANT?
                     - more refinement of keyloc's SH, By SS, etc       - changed dbh to DBH
                     - added create sources - changes to INSIDE logic to make it work again
                     - incorporate %D hash
                     - fixed priority to not matter if x days ago
                     - fixed year not being shown as selected
                     - deleted unused code          - deleted $USERemINDEX{$uemail} = $uid; added $USERemINDEX{userid} = $uemail     - replaced by user - added comment
    PHP:         - fixed link to website / not part of development
    committed Feb 21, 2014
Commits on Nov 13, 2013
  1. added templates/styleTop to style tooltip

    added prepage/viewarticle2.php to view an article only
    mail_lisg/user.php - deleted due to server attacks
    templates/WeeklyItem - change for iContact email list
    templates/WklyTop.htm - added styling for iContact email list
    templates/app.htm - deleted instructions; but not using app now
    templates/article_control - organized New articles, Headlines, News, Email, 
        Suggested, Summarized; also Publication process; added View Section; 
        iContact popnews email process; also view article and view range w/headline view
    template/headlineItem - small changes to woapubdate, docid, priority
    templates/login - change sign up path to volunteers.html
    templates/news_insideItem - changed bullet and removed redarrow
    templates/newsheadlineItem - added tooltip
    templates/suggest - changes not significant
    templates/summarize.htm - added region and author and woapubdate; 
         changed sectsubs to Suggested_summarizedItem;
         STILL PROBLEMS!! - we are losing data in author, region, source - added &messages_intialize; zapped suummarizeCnt, suggestedCnt;
         eliminate ref to start_acctapp and update_user 
         and write_acctapp and list_sepmail
         -Added msg for article already being summarized
         -Added headlinesPriSS to &updt_select_list_items
         -Added displayVolunteerLogs to cmds
         -Moved ck for do_editoracct and write_acctapp lower  - changed PO Box    - changed logic in assemble_pubdate; added get_DBxdaysago - cosmetic only - moved &log_volunteer; made &write_doc_item a function returning docid
          - added &email_admin when item summarized
          - added &DB_write_docid_to_user_log under log_volunteer
          - added pubdate get from form; and &assemble pubdate
          - split region in get_more_select_form_values
          - in DB_get_docitem changed $row = to @row = - added $ERR_TOP and $ERR_END styling to beg and end of error messages - cosmetic - added 'my' to $sectsubinfor in split_section_ctrlB
          - changed logic around in get_sectsubid to check for 
            $CSINDEX{$sectsubname} 1st
          - added $summarizedSS to ck for adding summarizedSS to addsectsubs 
             in get_sectsubid - added &email_admin subroutine to notify me when article is summed
          - changed PO Box
    template_ctrl - changed do_5lines logic for summarizedSS 
          - changed redarrow size logic
          - adapted redarrow for articles inside article
          - adapted do_5lines to accomodate both body and fullbody - fixed check for valid user; added DB_write_docid_to_user_log
    counter/address.txt - changed address message
    counter/popclock_short.php - updated population values from Census Bureau
    css/woa_mauveindex.css - changed smallfont references; changed sidebar_img;
          - changed comment to look nicer; changed newsIndexBox top margin top
            and titleCell class
    prepage/helpwoa.html - data changes
    prepage/index.php - added facebook js and embed; added Arts and Suzannes stuff
            - rearranged right sidebar order; removed twitter alerts
            - added pinterist embed - NEED TO DELETE
    prepage/savePagePart.php - removed extra echos
    volunteers.html - added style, changed app references
            - changed fname to ufirstname and so on
            - removed options in check boxes
    committed Nov 13, 2013
Commits on Jul 28, 2013
  1. Changed templates

      docUpdate.htm (bigger author)
      login.htm (link to register page)
      news_insideitem.htm (cosmetic)
      summarize.htm (major overhaul)
    Changed stylesheets
      woa_mauveindex.css - changes to tooltip2
    Changed scripts - changed display_one parameters, set date variables - file lock age, commented error Log - find_date_in_line - added bit; refine_date, added $sentdate and $todaydate to args
      display - added INSIDE initialization logic
      docitem - deleted INSIDE flat files; do global $INSIDEMERGE{docid} instead
              -rearranged new doc logic
              -added docid to returned list of variables
              -restricted to newsdigest SS only
              - added parent_docid, parent_needsum, and parent_sectsubs
              - added rebuild of body from newbody
              - added email_insideItem for emailing template
              - added subs IO_delete and IO_priority5 to special section started 
                 for flatfile IO - added printSkipContinue - added priority5 path changing priority to 5 if priority5 file exists.
                   change $kPriority to my $kPriority - changed emailbody to fbody
                - changed links_separate and extract_variables logic to:
                  a) pick up bits of 2nd line separated by //
                  b) fix date extraction and refine date
                  c) fix author extraction
                  d) fix source and region extraction - removed extensive comments at front of script
      sectsubs - removed 'my' from variable $op - extract_variables - see changes in - changed INSIDE flatfile to $INSIDEMERGE{$docid} global
                       - for REDARROW, added check for parent_needsum and parent_docid
    committed Jul 28, 2013
Commits on Jun 3, 2013
  1. * - for some strange reason this errant code got put …

    …in, delete this: ($template,$rest) = split(/;/,$tTemplate,2);
    committed Jun 3, 2013
  2. *pageIndex.htm changed to production version - still doesn't work in …

    *priorityItem.htm - hanged some styles
    *stdTitle - no real changes
    * - changed MIDTEMPL printout to accomodate changes in template_ctrl
    * - changed do_one_doc to prt_one_doc - makes more sense
    * - deleted references to index-insert_sth: we need to do doc_insert_sth first
    -also added $docid to &print_one_doc
    -Added code for @@ in body; meaning an 'inside' article is to be inserted into this article. Eary detection to build a formatted article and write to a flatfile.
    -Also added code to detect this at compilation of article time (on $linecmd = BODY) and call in the article from the flatfile.
    -Changed logic to look for DB or flatfile in preparation of doing docitems on DB
    * - changed MIDTEMPL printout to accomodate changes in template_ctrl
    * - changed MIDTEMPL printout to accomodate changes in template_ctrl
    * - changed MIDTEMPL printout to accomodate changes in template_ctrl
    committed Jun 3, 2013
Commits on May 29, 2013
  1. Changes to docUpdate.htm and selectUpdt_Item.htm to accomodate Need S…

    …ummary radio buttons
    Changes to headlineItem.htm and priorityItem.htm to change presentation with fullbody (450 chars) to appear on mouseover
    Change to newsitem.htm fo add Extract
    Change to stdTitle to add stylesheet call added extract; change to do_cody_comment to add needsum features. calls extract_variables from message line - in - added extract variables - a shortcut to finding variables
    Template_ctrl - added changes to Redarrow so that it will appear on NewsDigest articles that need summarizing. Also will print a tooltip for the body to appear.
     -Also added a print_needsum_radio_buttons
     -And chnages to BODY command to call do_body_comment in
    Woa_mauveindex.css = added smallfontv for priority headlines
    committed May 29, 2013
  2. Made changes to selectUpdt_Item form for regions

    Added capability to do a list of links in
    Restricted sizes of user ip for ml_subscriptions to avoid attacks
    Added new fields to emailedItem.htm
    Put notes in chron
    Smartdata - changes to body and fullbody processing
    Sources - tried to fix linkmatch
    committed May 29, 2013
Commits on Mar 21, 2013
  1. *article_control.htm : link to new suggested links

    *docUpdate.htm : added excerpt switch
    *emailedItem.htm : removed RR region preset
    *introItem.htm : fixed red arrow; removed styles
    *newItemParse.htm : added link to handles; removed RR region preset
    *select_top.htm : set thisSectsub to THISSECTSUB line cmd to pull in right thisSectsub
    *stdTitle.htm : removed head tags for correct html when php pulls page parts together.
    * : renamed to; removed $savesectsubs; added handle link meta to go to Suggested_link display; removed exit in parseNewItem to fall thru to exit at end of parseNewItem.
    * : changed $stop_blankCRs generating for-loop until from $CONTRIB_DATA to $uStop_blankct
    * deleted obsolete code; added set $listSectsub to $rSectsubid; fixed aTemplate source
    * : on DocExitsts test, changed test for row found and return of results
    * : added a goto after write of more than one doc so that data got cleared.
    * : added subroutine to get all variables of a section
    * display of sections: new line cmd
    *counter/address.txt - address change
    * - new stub for chron
    committed Mar 21, 2013
Commits on Mar 15, 2013
  1. Changed name of to

    Added to the BODY line command in if there is no 'body', print the first 200 characters of fullbody + the top 'points'
    Moved code from to where it is more appropriately placed.
    committed Mar 15, 2013
  2. Many changes to facilite intake process, including receiving emailed …

    …items. Changes to make parsing articles smarter - more efficient at finding date, source, region, headline, etc.
    Added more capabilities to intake of emailed items - setting priority; bringing the source website into a frame, googling for a link to the article if headline is present.
    committed Mar 15, 2013
Commits on Jan 3, 2013
  1. Put 'users/editors/contributors' into production

    *templates/app.htm: split upayrole into two: upay and urole
    *templates/article_control: Fixed volunteer link and other outdated links; deleted quickchange reference; in actions split display_section and display_subsection and made other additions to this sections menu to make everything on the query string available in this menu; put DB Tables function calls on article_control rather than in the script; added import/export users, editors, contributors
    *www/volunteers.html: added meta to switch to query string displaying the volunteer app.
    *cgi-bin/ added args to call to DB_controller in (to do import/export of users/editors/contributors tables
    *cgi-bin/bootstrap: no real changes
    *cgi-bin/ changed backup routine to sleep until elapsed time or action completed; prettified
    *cgi-bin/ removed unique c_uid; changed EOF flatfile marker.
    *cgi-bin/ minor changes
    *cgi-bin/ changed EOF flatfile marker; split upayroll to upay and urole in many places; fixed check for DB_users; removed check for contributor in check for op_access = admin; removed unique e_uid
    *cgi-bin/ added missing $dbh parameter to prepare insert function calls for editor and contributor; added formula for determining role and pay from payroll field
    committed Jan 3, 2013
Commits on Jan 1, 2013
  1. Minor changes to:

    -templates/app.htm - City label
    -templates/summarize.htm - background color and title
    cgi-bin/ - Don't send to contributor if empty contributor fields
    counter/popclock_short.php - updated by-month population numbers from US Census; removed differential between US Census and UN population clocks
    committed Jan 1, 2013
Commits on Dec 2, 2012

    -templates/app.htm : minor cosmetic changes
    -templates//docUpdate.htm: minor cosmetic changes corrected $pin to $upin fixed update to DB changed get_operator_name to more generic get_user_name; fixed DB update : improved sub check_user_exists; fixed DB update : changed &get_summarizer_name, &get_user_name, and &get_suggestor_name to &print_user_name (merged to just one)
    committed Dec 2, 2012
Commits on Dec 1, 2012
Commits on Nov 30, 2012
  1. many changes to process volunteer application, accessing…

    … as the controller, which interfaces with and changed path to export folder; maybe should change back to follow same pattern as,, and added more keywords to assist in data parsing added line commands for the app (volunteer app) template massive changes to make functional. Users is the parent of editors and contributors - all formerly encompassed in contributors.
    -index.php: (homepage) : changed Facebook acronym - unrelated to volunteer app
    -quotes.html: data changes only
    committed Nov 30, 2012
Commits on Oct 5, 2012
  1. article_control - added IP address

    docUpdate - made wrap soft; not depracated physical
    newItemParse - ditto
    ownerUpdate - ditto
    selectUpdate - ditto
    summarize - ditto
    newsalertitem - fixed tooltip to display propely
    ownerEventItem - cosmetic - moved article_control stuff
     - added prepare sth for DB docitems and indexes
     - in parseNewItem cmd, moved Suggested variable processing to sub print_article_control
     - added import_docitems cmd
     - added arg to call for do_email - added export paths; errLogit call added parameters - added arg to do_email call - added DB general routines - not currently used - changed subs get_nowdatetime and datetime_prep to work better - sub DBcontroller added args and removed import/export indexes which will be done along with docitems; added docitems; added comments to import/export table
     - removed DB_indexes from switches - added arg for prepared idx_insert_sth - extensive changes to add DB docitem functionality - added arg to call to sub parse_popnews - changes to errLogit for better logging - removed lifonum and other sort fields from indexes; added woadatetime
       - added DB_update_sectsub_idx
       - sub do_doclist_sql and get_orderby: many changes;
       - added DB_getlastpg2_lifo to handle page 2
       - DB_add_to_indexes: many changes
       - added DB_prepare_idx_insert
       - removed sub import_indexs and export - now done along with docitems - cosmetic changes - added call to DB_prepare_idx_insert; included this in call to process_popnews_email
    send_email - changed args to errLogit - fixed sectsubs processing in parse_popnews
      - sub assign_msglines : changed region to "" if Global at least until all processing done - for newsalertItem, don't change double line spacing to </p><p> - added arg to call for do_email
    cswp_admin.php - content changes, no code changes
    quotes.html - content changes, no code changes
    committed Oct 5, 2012
Commits on Sep 14, 2012
  1. More owner changes plus misc:

    *mail-list/send_message.php: added mail_attachment subroutine - not tested
    *php/savesection.php: changed loation to relative
    *prepage/viewOwnerUpdate.php: cosmetic changes
    *php/savepage.php: saves any page
    *php/send_email.php: copied from mail-list subsystem. Plan to use from here later; added mail_attachment subroutine - not tested
    *article: misc owner enhancements
    *changed sectsub.cnt to trigger only if storeform rtn run
    * cosmetic changes; removed code that should have been cut when moved to; Only do count file if an item has changed; not just on display
    * Only do count file if an item has changed; not just on display
    * remove unnecessary code.
    * cosmetic changes Fixed inaccurate parsing of region; moved create and import to bottom of code. Minor modernization of code Changed By to By: when parsing for author Fixed several owner-related line commands
    committed Sep 14, 2012
Commits on Sep 6, 2012
  1. -Refinements to owner forms, suggested forms, newItemParse (Hal's) form.

    -Added subheadline, author, unique, and other new fields. - made owner processing more generic - moved error log to; fixed file lock code - fixed display of subsection vs section; fixed totalItems logic added csspath to global for owner fixed .cnt.cnt filename extension. Tried to fix problem with pages index high end (page 99) minor changes simplified owner section logic for adding, deleting sections. (If one sectsub is named Calendar and the other CalendarHistory, it can't tell one from the other. Solution: renamed CalendarHistory to CalHistory) changed By to By: for author very minor changes
    -Hitcounter.php - put an error trap in SQL query for count
    -woa_mauveindex.css - added missing smallfont class
    -cswp_admin.php: Changed section to subsection; cosmetic changes
    -cswp_top.htm and ownerSubtitle.htm - added for cosmetics - new program; uses Net ftp; works with telavant, but not with Sierra Club due to / after host name.
    committed Sep 6, 2012
Commits on Aug 20, 2012
  1. Changes to to accomodate woadatetime.

    Changes to to get count for summarized and suggested.
    Change to adding DB_docitems switch
    Changes to changing woadate to woadatetime
    committed Aug 20, 2012
Commits on Aug 12, 2012
Commits on Aug 11, 2012
  1. Merge branch 'owner2'

    committed Aug 11, 2012
  2. Minor changes to comments in; backed up database (saved SQ…

    …L) after recovery from crash.
    committed Aug 11, 2012
Commits on Aug 9, 2012
  1. Changed consequence of database being down from failure to 'get data …

    …from flatfiles' and proceed as normal. Recovered sections.html from development database, using export function in Also consolidated subroutines into from, and put entry to in
    committed Aug 9, 2012
  2. Fixed problems with newItemParse new item submittal to suggested list…

    … (Hal's form). Also fixed two docitem numbers (docids) being generated.
    committed Aug 9, 2012
Commits on Aug 4, 2012
  1. Added subdomains/www/volunteers.html - changing post to ra…

    …ther than volunteers.html
    committed Aug 4, 2012
  2. Developed code (no testing) for docitem table, including crud sql and…

    … code. Added new fields - changes to code and templates.
    Also developed code (no testing) for and user table. Postponing adaptations until later.
    Fixed various scoping problems broken by prior code.
    Fixed broken part in at 10, 1157 and 1190
    Enhanced functionality for selected items processing in select_Item and select_Top using javascript.
    Still need to test owner in production.
    committed Aug 4, 2012
Commits on Jul 28, 2012
  1. Display of sections from Article Control is fixed. Changes to article…

    ….pl,, and; also changed argument arrangement in display_one subroutine
    committed Jul 28, 2012
Commits on Jul 27, 2012
  1. Template not found error: issue with scope at lines …

    …72 and 143; and changed to reverse order of arguments to process_template
    committed Jul 27, 2012
  2. Commit prior did not seem to take and .procmailrc changed to get mail into database and; also volunteers.html and article_control.htm changed to move application code to (the gateway)
    committed Jul 27, 2012
  3. * and .procmailrc - trying to get the mail to come into the…

    … database
    * and - move code to (the gateway); changed article_control.htm and volunteers.html
    committed Jul 27, 2012
Commits on Jul 25, 2012
  1. Owner 2nd part: add owner table; make owner functionality more generic.

    Remove from to make it as fast as possible.
    committed Jul 25, 2012
Commits on Jul 15, 2012
  1. Cleanup premature changes. Discard unintended changes to, …

    committed Jul 15, 2012
Commits on Jul 14, 2012
  1. Adding modified .gitignore

    committed Jul 14, 2012