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This is the data and code described in the position paper "Visualizing Theory in Context to Aid Teaching, Learning, and Applying New Ideas in Interdisciplinary Research" by Karen Boyd.
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This is a seed data set to help researchers and students explore epistemology, ontology, theory, and methodology in the context of one another.

It was proposed and described in the a position paper for CSCW 2017, saved here as VisualizingTheoryinContext.docx. More information about how it was originally conceived, its goals, and its sources are available in that document. The family tree visualization can be accessed here:

It is important to note that a rich, narrative description of philosophies and perspectives of science is indispensable for learning about ways of knowing in science. This project is not an attempt to replace difficult synthetic and critical thinking with simple graph, but instead an effort to create something like a genealogy chart that guides and grounds a reader through a complex history or novel.

This dataset and visualization are intended to seed and inspire discussion, ammendment, and expansion. That said, they are not ready to be used yet. I am working on commenting the code, getting the two other essential CSVs into usable shape, and publishing an article. I would love to hear from you about what you'd like to do with the data, or about prospective collaborations. Please email me: klboyd at umd dot edu. You can learn more about me and my research at and

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