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If you're old enough in Rails age, you should remember the times when sessions where not (that) lazy loaded and one could have turned them off declaratively.

I really liked this explicit approach and sure started missing it ever since it got redesigned. Now in theory it sounds great that if you do not touch the session it won't be loaded, but in practice enforcing your code to not invoke the session method (and thus not send a session cookie) for a (session-less) mobile client while sharing the same code for "normal" (session-aware) clients, is just hard. you need to come up with a session state management and even so it's non-trivial to track down "bugs" where you access the session while not really wanting to.

How about we bring the love back and allow (once again) for a session to be off :

session :off                     # turn session off for all actions
session :off, :only => :bar      # only for :bar action
session :off, :except => :bar    # except for :bar action
session :only => :foo,           # on for :foo when doing HTTPS
        :session_secure => true
session :off, :only => :foo,     # off for :foo, if :bar parameter present
        :if => { |req| req.params[:bar].present? }

NOTE: Keep in mind that after installing the plugin session might be nil ! But only while using the session (instance) method in controllers, it does leave the request.session as is. Accessing the request.session directly will work (and load the session) no matter if the session is off. This is intentional as the goal of the plugin is to provide session management for controller code and not the whole middleware stack. I also highly discourage against using session inside model classes, as it is a lack of good design, after all session's just an abstracted request "extension".

If in a need to check for a "disabled" session state from a request use :


If unhappy with what happens while the session is turned off for an action :

class ApplicationController < ActionController::Base

  def disable_session
    super # sets @_session = false (disabled)
    send_mama_a_kiss # or whatever you want !



gem 'session_off'

or as a plain-old rails plugin :

script/plugin install git://

Gem has been tested and should work with Rails 4.x/3.x as well as 2.3.


or how to be nice to robots :

class RobotsController < ApplicationController

  ROBOTS = /\b(Baidu|Gigabot|Googlebot|libwww-perl|lwp-trivial|msnbot|SiteUptime|Slurp|WordPress|ZIBB|ZyBorg)\b/i

  # turn off sessions if this is a request from a robot
  session :off, :if => proc { |request| request.user_agent =~ ROBOTS }

  def greetings
    if session
      render :text => "SHALL WE PLAY A GAME ?"
      render :text => "F*ck OFF, Stupid BOT !"



Copyright (c) 2014 Karol Bucek. See LICENSE ( for details.