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AS3 Signals Changelog:

v0.6 – GreenDay – 2010-03-17

API Changes


Implementation Changes

  • Optimized listeners array cloning to use slice(), which is faster than concat().
  • Optimized dispatch() by moving the cloning of listeners to add(), addOnce(), and remove().
  • Signal.removeAll() now uses remove() on every listener, instead of fast array clearing. This is intended to avoid possible issues with subclass overrides (as happened before with NativeRelaySignal.remove()).
  • Renamed createListenerRelationship() to registerListener().
  • Consolidated add() and addOnce() logic in registerListener().
  • Removed onceListeners Dictionary from DeluxeSignal and NativeSignal.
  • DeluxeSignal and NativeSignal are now more unified in their “once listeners” internal implementations.
  • Removed an extra semicolon which made FDT cry (thanks vitch).

Test Changes

  • Removed async [Test] metadata because AsUnit 4 no longer uses it.
  • Updated the AsUnit 4 SWC to newer version which avoids slowdown of Timers in Flash Player 10.1.
  • Added tests for ambiguous relationships in Signal.
  • Added tests for adding a listener during a dispatch().

v0.5 – GlassHalfFull – 2010-02-08

  • Added versioning to the Ant build, starting at 0.5.
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