Hotkey software that can link keys/buttons to actions (bet, call, raise...) - for iPoker, Party, SkyPoker and 888
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##Synopsis PokerPad is a hotkey software for Party Poker, iPoker, SkyPoker and 888. It allows linking keyboard keys (or mouse/joypad buttons) to specific actions on the Poker client. For example, a user can link F2 to the action "bet 3/4 of the pot".

The current development is focused on cash games. Your mileage may vary with SNG and Tournaments.

##Download Go to:
and download the zip file of the latest release (at the top on github) then unzip the file anywhere on your hard drive.

##Installation There are two equivalent ways of installing PokerPad:

  1. Run the file PokerPad.exe
  2. Download AutoHotkey classic from
    Once AutoHotkey is installed, simply run PokerPad.ahk

##Manual A slightly outdated quick start guide can be read at:

Note that, in order to work with iPoker, the chat window of the iPoker client neeeds to be maximised. Also make sure the Widget Bar is NOT activated (Settings > Widgets > Show Widget Bar unticked).

##Credit and Support PokerPad was originally developed by Xander. The current maintainer is github's karimb.

Issues can be reported through github at:
or by emailing Karim at: karim (at) eml (dot) cc