Join the swarm for a given hypercore or hyperdrive feed.
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Join the p2p swarm for hypercore, hyperdrive, and hyperdb feeds. Uses discovery-swarm under the hood.

npm install hyperdiscovery


Run the following code in two different places and they will replicate the contents of the given ARCHIVE_KEY.

var hyperdrive = require('hyperdrive')
var swarm = require('hyperdiscovery')

var archive = hyperdrive('./database', 'ARCHIVE_KEY')
var sw = swarm(archive)
sw.on('connection', function (peer, type) {
  console.log('got', peer, type) 
  console.log('connected to', sw.connections.length, 'peers')
  peer.on('close', function () {
    console.log('peer disconnected')

Will use discovery-swarm to attempt to connect peers. Uses datland-swarm-defaults for peer introduction defaults on the server side, which can be overwritten (see below).

The module can also create and join a swarm for a hypercore feed:

var hypercore = require('hypercore')
var swarm = require('hyperdiscovery')

var feed = hypercore('/feed')
var sw = swarm(feed)

The module can also create and join a swarm for a hyperdb feed:

var hyperdb = require('hyperdb')
var swarm = require('hyperdiscovery')

var db = hyperdb('/feed', 'ARCHIVE_KEY')
db.on('ready', function() {
  var sw = swarm(db)

A hyperdb database must be ready before attempting to connect to the swarm.


var sw = swarm(archive, opts)

Join the p2p swarm for the given feed. The return object, sw, is an event emitter that will emit a peer event with the peer information when a peer is found.


Get the list of currently active connections.


Exit the swarm

  • stream: function, replication stream for connection. Default is archive.replicate({live, upload, download}).
  • upload: bool, upload data to the other peer?
  • download: bool, download data from the other peer?
  • port: port for discovery swarm
  • utp: use utp in discovery swarm
  • tcp: use tcp in discovery swarm

Defaults from datland-swarm-defaults can also be overwritten:

  • dns.server: DNS server
  • dns.domain: DNS domain
  • dht.bootstrap: distributed hash table bootstrapping nodes

See Also