Monitor the health of a hyperdrive or dat, including peer count and peer mirror percentages.
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Monitor the health of a hyperfeed (hypercore or hyperdrive), including peer count and peer mirror percentages.

Does not actually download any data content, only downloads some of the metadata and monitors the peer feeds.

npm install hyperhealth


var Health = require('hyperhealth')

var health = Health(hypercore_feed)

// Will fire every 1 second
setInterval(function () {
  var data = health.get()
  console.log(data.peers.length, 'total peers')
  console.log(data.bytes, 'total bytes')
  console.log(data.byteLength, 'total length')
  console.log('Peer 1 Downloaded ' + (data.peers[0].have / data.peers[0].length) * 100 + '%')
}, 1000)


health = Health(key-or-archive, [opts])

Takes a hyperdrive or hypercore instance. Returns an object health.


When called will return an object representing the health at a particular state.


  • bytes: Number of total bytes
  • blocks: Number of total blocks
  • peers: An array of the peers containing id, blocks, and have

Peer object

  • id: The unique id of the peer, derived from stream.remoteId
  • have: The number of blocks that have been downloaded
  • blocks: The total number of blocks