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;;; Issues Database
;; Format
;; Db := (Entry*)
;; Entry := (id class created-date status assigned title description
;; [revision])
'((1 'sandbox (2011 3 1) 'fixed 'krmckelv
"Change default Sandbox"
"Default sandbox should be '(safe-scheme) to ensure a safe initial
setup. It gives an error that the test-file is not in the source directories
when attempting to use this '(safe-scheme) library.")
(2 'grade (2011 3 1) 'fixed #f
"Fix flags"
"Currently flags signal a load error, when they should signal a
runtime error that occurs during testing."
(3 'i/o (2011 3 1) 'open #f
"Missing add file flags"
"It is not easy to add files to the VFS currently.")
(4 'i/o (2011 3 1) 'open #f
"We need basic primitives for building and testing VFS code.")
(5 'grade (2011 3 1) 'fixed 'krmckelv
"Parameterize runner"
"Runner cannot be easily changed in the grade macro. We need to be
able to easily change the runner."
"gouda: 858a22ca658c0f8d9bcd188a03229b4bdad9238f")
(6 'grade (2011 3 1) 'open #f
"Grade error handling"
"When using test-suite, errors are very difficult to debug. We
need to make it easier to see errors in the test files.")
(7 'submission (2011 3 1) 'open #f
"Submission System"
"We need a submission system.")
(8 'packaging (2011 3 1) 'open #f
"Build documentation"
"It is difficult to understand how to build this thing.")
(9 'packaging (2011 3 1) 'open #f
"Documentation audit"
"General audit of our documentation to make sure that we are doing
the right things and so that everything is up to date.")
(10 'grade (2011 3 1) 'open #f
"Pull mags application into core"
"We should generalize the C211 mags grader into a full blown
application that we can distribute with the core.")
(11 'grade (2011 3 6) 'fixed #t
"Define-eq-test handling of unbound terms"
"Define-equality-test should not pass unbound term conditions directly to the
procedure that will be using the expected and actual values."
(krmckelv (2011 3 7) "srfi :64 was executing the comparator, even on an exception."))
(12 'grade (2011 3 29) 'open #f
"Flags cause error, do not evaluate"
"Flagged terms should probably still evaluate the test cases in which they occur,
yet still send a notice to the test-runner that the flagged term was found")
(13 'runners (2011 4 5) 'open #f
"Runners need conventions"
"We have many different things to take into account when writing test runners. We need
to make this easy to do within the Mags framework. It would be nice to have a language
for creating test-runners as well as some default callbacks for error handling, for
(14 'sandbox (2011 4 6) 'fixed 'krmckelv
"Current-sandbox is unchangable"
"The current-sandbox-name, when set to a custom library/sandbox, does not reflect the expected
sandbox upon testing. The expected sandbox is actually just '(chezscheme).")
(15 'grade (2011 4 26) 'open #f
"Pretty-printing of automatically generated test-names"
"The pretty-printing of tests isn't very pretty. We should have some conventions
for printing matrixes, trees.")
(16 'grade (2011 4 26) 'fixed 'krmckelv
"Tests error handling"
"When your define-equality-tests fails and crashes (srfi :64), you should get
an error message to this effect. Right now, it just does nothing.")
(17 'grade (2011 5 6) 'open #f
"test-groups should catch errors"
"if there are errors in test-groups, those should FAIL with an error, rather
than just error and stop grading completely.")
(18 'grade (2011 7 17) 'open #f
"overriding built-in procedures"
"we want to be able to test a student's procedure that has an existing built-in
implementation, and use their implementation instead")
(19 'grade (2011 7 17) 'open #f
"expected and actual values with strings"
"the expected and actual values remove the quotes from strings as seen in the report"))
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