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Windows Sandbox Utillities Python Package
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Python Windows Sandbox library. Create a new Windows Sandbox machine, control it with a simple RPyC interface.

A good usage for this library would be to easily run sandboxed tests in a controlled envionment.

Quick Start

PyWinSandbox can be installed using pip:

$ python3 -m pip install -U pywinsandbox

If you want to run the latest version of the code, you can install from git:

$ python3 -m pip install -U git+git://

Note that the Windows Sandbox should be enabled in your system in order to use PyWinSandbox. See the following Microsoft article on how to do that.


import winsandbox

sandbox = winsandbox.new_sandbox()'explorer .')

# Create a sandbox with a mapped directory.
# Directories are mapped under desktop.
sandbox = winsandbox.new_sandbox(folder_mappers=[winsandbox.FolderMapper(r'C:\users\public')])
tree = sandbox.rpyc.modules.subprocess.check_output(r'cmd /c tree %userprofile%\Desktop\public')

# Create an offline sandbox with a logon script.
sandbox = winsandbox.new_sandbox(networking=False, logon_script="explorer .")

Also a console script is available:

# wsb / winsandbox are aliases

# Create an interactive sandbox session. Spawns an IPython shell.
wsb -i

# Spawn an "offline" Windows Sandbox instance, with a command line.
wsb -s "explorer C:\windows\system32" 

Windows Shell Extension

A shell extension is also available to easily sandbox executables with the right click menu:

Shell Extension

# Run these commands with Administrator privileges

# Register the shell extension
wsb -r
# Unregister the shell extension
wsb -u
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