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🔥 Starter Kit for Sinatra Apps
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Sinatra Boilerplate Build

I have been using Sinatra for a while, and have loved every moment of it. It's so simple create any type of application, from REST APIs to database applications. It's only problem is that it doesn't have a scaffolding tool, neither a command line tool. I found it quite frustrating at times, when I had to make quick apps, with it. So I tried to fix it.

Instead of creating a whole rubygem just for my small problem, I created a boilerplate for Sinatra, so all I had to do was copy or git clone the code, and I'd been on my way. I created it a while back, and a lot of people have been asking me about how my Sinatra apps are so well structured, and so I thought I'd open-source the code, just like I did for my static boilerplate project.

It contains the following gems :-

For some static content, it uses :-

The app has been split into some what of an MVC format. Yeah, weird I know, but I designed for little more complex Sinatra apps, if you're going for large projects - Just use Rails. It'll help in the long run, Rails has a lot more to offer. Eventually I'll branch out another version of the boilerplate in a single file format, so check the branches of this repository if there is one.

I hope to help the community with this project.

Do let me know what you think about it, by tweeting at me.

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