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Le Petit Poucet

Le Petit Poucet is a tale by Charles Perrault. Parents have to abandon their children in the Forest, but "Le Petit Poucet" will leave stones on its path to find its way back.

What does it do?

In our emails, there is a trail of IP addresses identified by the Received email header. This program just take the raw content of an email, extract the IP addresses if any in the Received fields and convert each 4 numbers in an IP adress as a RGB color + opacity, then it creates a badge of this trail like stones in the forest. It saves the trail as a PNG image in the same directory you started the script.


A trail of 5 ip addresses

Example of trails


The script is using the PIL module.

Author - License

Created by Karl Dubost on 2012-02-09. Copyright © 2012 Grange. All rights reserved. Licensed under the MIT license: