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+# Web Architecture for you and me
+I have often discussions about Web architecture and HTTP with people who are not totally aware of everything. [W3C Web Architecture]( document is hard to understand and grasp for most people without a deep knowledge of the Web.
+Some decisions on the way a Web site is organized are taken by UX, designers, etc. they know the Web of the surface and the user interactions, but often they do not realize that they have wonderful tools at the HTTP and URI layers for creating better user experiences.
+This project will try answering these questions.
+If you have any questions on a specific item about Web architecture, vocabulary, use the [Issues]( tracker. And we will answer the questions, issues little by little.
+## Acknowledgements
+This project is the long never ending story of discussions started with [Olivier Théreaux]( and continued with many people in my work environments.
+## License
+The full content of this project is [CC BY 3.0](

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