Implementation of ARToolkitPlus as an openFrameworks addon
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A more complete addon for ARToolkitPlus based on earlier versions posted in this thread:

The main 'features' are:

- A proper addon with its own ofxARToolkitPlus class
- openFrameworks style setup/update/draw functions
- Convenience functions for getting 2D marker points like the corners and center
- Convenience functions for dealing with 3D drawing and applying GL matrices
- Convenience functions for retrieving a homography matrix in both regular and OpenGL formats
- Get the position and orientation of the camera relative to the marker
- Use multi-marker setups as described here:
- A well commented example
- Includes the markers you need to print & a video of markers if you don't want to print

This has been tested on Mac with OF 007 (Xcode 3.2.6). To get it going on Windows/Linux you will need to compile ARToolkitPlus and add the compile library to the lib folder of the addon.

If you want to set this up in Xcode (rather than work from the example), add the following to your header search paths

And when you drag in the addon folder, be sure to remove all other files from the src folder except ofxARToolkitPlus.h and ofxARToolkitPlus.cpp