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#include <QtGui>
class Visualisation: public QWidget
Visualisation(int width_, int height_, QVector<QVector<QPointF> > map_, QWidget *parent = NULL);
public slots:
void togglePause();
void toggleManualControl();
private slots:
void makeMove();
void paintEvent(QPaintEvent *);
void keyPressEvent(QKeyEvent *);
void keyReleaseEvent(QKeyEvent *);
void makeAIMove();// Follows the path in the "path" variable
bool makeManualMove();// Tries to move and returns true if could. If couldn't, tries to rotate.
void handleKeys();
bool makeMoveByLine(const QPointF &a, const QPointF &b);// helper method for makeAIMove. Rotates while curAngle isn't equal to
// Line(a, b).angle, then follows this line.
QPointF getAITarget() const;// Finds the point with the hightest potential.
bool exploreMap();// Updates the "isExplored" variable. Returns true if finds a new point
QVector<QVector<int> > determineConnComp() const;// A helper function for updateVirtualWalls
void updateVirtualWalls();
void updatePotential();
QPair<QPointF, QPointF> getVertexPivots(const QPointF &a, const QPointF &b, const QPointF &c) const;// Calculates the pivots for line [a, b][b, c]. The first element in the return value will always be the "inner" point
QVector<QPointF> getPivots(const QVector<QPointF> &, bool mapPivots = false) const;// Calculates pivots for the polyline(might be enclosed). Additional parameter is for correct handling of map pivots generating.
QHash<QPointF, QVector<QPointF> > getGraph(const QPointF &startPos, const QPointF &targetPos) const;// Calculates the visibility graph and returns it
QVector<QPointF> getPath(const QPointF &startPos, const QPointF &targetPos) const;// Calculates the path and returns it
bool wallOnPathTo(const QPointF &a) const;// Returns true if there's a wall on the line from curPoint to a
void addVisitsCount(const QPointF &p, qreal value = 20.0);//Adds visits count to the point and its neighbours(affection radius is set in the method).
qreal moveSpeed, rotSpeed;// rotSpeed is in radians
qreal fovDist, fovAngle;// FOV(field of view) is a circle sector with the radius fovDist and the central angle fovAngle(in radians)
QPointF curPos;
qreal curAngle;
qreal pivotOffset; // A parameter for conflicts exclusion. Path should be binded not to polygonal chains' vertices, but to the nearby located point, soThis parameter sets there points' offset from the vertices.
qreal cellSize;// The discovered zones edges are being drawn as circles, so this parameter affects "smoothing". Also, it significantly affects the perfomance.
enum Control
Control control;
enum ExplorationState
PointExploreStateCW,// starts rotating and tries to stop with the given probality each moment(I consider it as a dirty hack, but don't see another sufficient method to handle it)
PointExploreStateCCW //the same, but counter-clockwise
ExplorationState state;
QVector<QVector<qreal> > potential;// The potential heuristic is formed by the nearby located undiscovered point(they increase it) and by the nearby located points' visits(they decrease it).
QVector<QVector<int> > visits;// Not exactly the visits count, but comparatively to other points, it's the time the bot was close to the point.
QVector<QVector<QPointF > > map;// Contains just the map, shoudn't be changed during the visualisation. Changed once in the constructor to add the screen edges.
QVector<QPointF> mapPivots;// Initialized at the startup, for the better perfomance.
QVector<QVector<bool> > isDiscovered;// The Visualisation field is a grid, so some points of this grid are already discovered, some not
// To convert grid nodes into real coordinates, you'll just multiply it by cellSize.
QVector<QPointF> path;// Contains the path to targetPos
QPointF targetPos;// Program will follow the path to this point
QHash<int, bool> pressedKeys;// This map contains the states of the keys, to support key combinations(e.g. to rotate and move simultaneously)
QVector<QVector<QPointF> > virtualWalls;// These walls are formed by the edges of the undiscovered zone.
// They are "virtual" because they don't physically exist(unlike the walls formed by the "map" variable, their purpose is limitation for the path search algorithm
QTimer* timer;// Calls makeMove
#ifdef DEBUG
mutable QVector<QPointF> dbgPivots;
mutable QVector<QPointF> dbgConnComp;
mutable QVector<QVector<int> > dbgCompNumber;