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#!/usr/bin/env python3
Sometimes when I'm annotating using [[][Hypothesis]], I want to think more
about specific highlights, google more about them later or generally act on them somehow.
Normally you'd have to copy the URL, highlighted text and create a task from it.
This script does that automatically, only thing that you have to do is to mark it with a tag or type 'todo'
in the annotation text.
Items get scheduled and appear on my org-mode agenda,
so I can un/reschedule them if they don't require immediate attention.
from orger import InteractiveView
from orger.inorganic import node, link
from orger.common import todo
from my.hypothesis import get_highlights, Highlight
def is_todo(e: Highlight) -> bool:
if any(t.lower() == 'todo' for t in e.tags):
return True
text = e.annotation or ''
return text.lstrip().lower().startswith('todo')
class HypTodos(InteractiveView):
def get_items(self):
for t in filter(is_todo, get_highlights()):
yield, todo(
tags=['hyp2org', *t.tags],
{link(title=t.page_title, url=t.page_link)}
{link(title="in context", url=t.hyp_link)}
if __name__ == '__main__':
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