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#!/usr/bin/env python3
from orger import InteractiveView
from orger.inorganic import node, link
from orger.common import dt_heading
from my.reddit import get_saves
class RedditView(InteractiveView):
def get_items(self):
for s in get_saves():
yield s.sid, node(
# need to make heading lazy due to is_alive
heading=lambda s=s: dt_heading(
('[#A] *DEAD*' if self.is_dead_url(s.url) else '') + link(title=s.title, url=s.url) + f' /r/{s.subreddit}'
def is_dead_url(self, url: str) -> bool:
assert self.cmdline_args is not None
if not self.cmdline_args.mark_dead:
return False
from kython.knetwork import is_alive
return is_alive(url)
# TODO should somehow track handle DELETED comments...
# sometimes it's also [removed]
# TODO maybe, track that in reddit provider? since we have all version of saved items over time
def setup_parser(p):
help="Mark deleted/unavailable content so you could process it ASAP. Mostly useful on first run",
if __name__ == '__main__':
# TODO actually might be useful to store forever a read only version...
# eh, turned out easier to make it lazy..
# def get_saves_with_state():
# # TODO don't query for dead so often. We actually only want to get it for new items..
# saves = get_saves(all_=False)
# with Pool() as p:
# res =, saves)
# dead = [r for r, s in res if not s]
# # if len(dead) / (len(saves) + 1) > 0.3:
# # raise RuntimeError('something must be wrong with reddit! bailing')
# return res
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