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Imagine a friend asked you for something, or sent you a link or a video, but you don’t have time to process that right at the moment.

Normally I’d share their message to my TODO list app so I can process it later. However, official Android app for Telegram doesn’t have sharing capabilities.

This is a tool that allows you to overcome this restriction by forwarding messages you want to remember about to a special private channel. Then it grabs the messages from this private channel and creates TODO items from it!

That way you keep your focus while not being mean ignoring your friends’ messages.

Setting up

Setup for telegram2org

# Install dependencies
pip install -r requirements.txt

# Configure
edit # follow comments in the file to set up

Creating your “Todos” empty group

Telegram requires you to add at least one person in a new group. To satisfy this requirement and also avoid spamming a random contact, you can add a bot instead.

I don’t know of any no-op bots around waiting to be added, but you can create your own bot. I’ll summarize the process, based on the bot documentation page:

  • open a chat with @BotFather
  • send it these two simple commands
# Start the bot creation flow

# Create a new bot

# Enter a name for your bot, ending in "...Bot" and you're done.
# Here's a python username gen: pip install random-username; random_username

Now you can create your group by inviting your newborn bot. You can also remove the bot from the group after this process.


# Please enter your phone (or bot token): +1123567890
# Please enter the code you received: 12345

The telegram client will ask for your phone number. After you enter the number, you’ll receive a verification code in your Telegram app. Use that code in the second prompt.



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