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US Colleges API

This is an open API for accessing the names and locations of accredited colleges and universities in the United States.

Local Installation


  • Docker and Docker Compose
  • NPM/NodeJS 6+

Local Setup

  • Clone this repository.
  • Install the composer packages: npm run -s composer:install.
  • Copy .env.example to .env and add your credentials.
  • Build the dockerfile: npm run -s app:local:build.
  • Bring up the containers: npm run -s app:local:up. It may take a few seconds for the database to start up the first time.
  • Run the migrations: npm run -s db:migrate.
  • Run the seeder: npm run -s db:seed.

The application's documentation will be reachable at localhost:8100/.


API Documentation

  • Once your web application is running, visit localhost:8100/ to view the documentation.
  • By default, all requests are made on the first page of 100, ordered by ID. You can change that though.
  • Examples:

Get the second 100 colleges sorted by name and transformed:


Get the second page of records for colleges in Memphis, TN:

http://localhost:8100/colleges?order=id&page=2,20&filter=location,eq,Memphis, TN

Get a single college by uuid


Currently only GET requests are supported. POST, PUT, DELETE and others will be available with API key authorization in a later release.

Server Deployment

This project is intended to be hosted on, but you can set it up anywhere you host docker containers.

First time deployment

  • Upload local data to volume: hyper run -v $(pwd)/.data:/.data ubuntu
  • Remove the original container: hyper rm <CID>
  • Create snapshot: hyper snapshot create --volume <VID> --name colleges
  • Create named volume from snapshot: hyper volume create --snapshot=colleges --name=colleges
  • Pull the latest: hyper pull karllhughes/colleges:latest
  • Bring up the containers: hyper compose up -f docker/compose.hyper.yml -p colleges$RANDOM -d
  • Attach your floating IP: hyper fip attach <FIP> <CID>

Updating code

Updating production code:

  • Pull the latest: hyper pull karllhughes/colleges:latest
  • Recreate the containers: hyper compose up -f docker/compose.hyper.yml -d --force-recreate -p <PID>
  • Attach your floating IP: hyper fip attach <FIP> <PID>

Or the single command/container:

  • Add a docker/deployer/.env file with your credentials.
  • Run npm run -s app:prod:deploy.

Technical Details

  • The list of colleges is retrieved from, and the last update was in March 2016.
  • I standardized fields based on's CollegeOrUniversity object. Not all fields are currently supported and I had to add a couple special ones, so check the migrations files for a list of supported fields.