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News App

News and blog data aggregator. Uses Feedbin, SharedCount, and open source natural language processing tools to collect data about news articles and blog posts.

Codeship Status for karllhughes/news-aggregator

Local Development (With Docker)

  • Start the containers: npm run app:up
  • Stop the containers: npm run app:down

Command-line scripts

  • npm run app:sync-sources-with-feedbin Sync sources from Feedbin with the application database.
  • npm run app:add-source-metadata Gets extra metadata about sources (eg: image, favicon, description).
  • npm run app:get-new-posts-from-feedbin Get the latest posts from Feedbin and save to the application database.
  • npm run app:add-post-text Get the full text, image, tags, and links using Node Unfluff. Also adds some text length metadata.
  • npm run app:add-post-keywords Use the text of the post to extract keywords. Uses Node Natural for NLP tasks.
  • npm run app:add-post-social Get social share counts from SharedCount.

Deploying to

Deploy the database and attach an IP:

hyper run -d -v news-db:/data/db --env-file=.env -p 35019:27017 --size s4 --name news-db mongo:4.0

hyper fip attach 123.456.78.90 news-db

Add a text index to the database: db.getCollection('post').createIndex( { title: "text", text: "text" } );.

Build and push the Docker image:

docker build -t karllhughes/news .
docker push karllhughes/news
hyper pull karllhughes/news

Run the collector(s):

hyper run --rm --env-file=.env --link=news-db --size s4 karllhughes/news node node_modules/.bin/sails run <COLLECTOR_NAME>

Set up cron jobs to automatically run the collectors:

# Run source collector every 4 hours
hyper cron create --hour=*/4 --minute=0 --env-file=.env --link=news-db --size s4 --name news-sources-cron karllhughes/news node node_modules/.bin/sails run sync-sources-with-feedbin

# Run source meta collector every 4 hours
hyper cron create --hour=*/4 --minute=6 --env-file=.env --link=news-db --size s4 --name news-source-meta-cron karllhughes/news node node_modules/.bin/sails run add-source-metadata

# Run post collector every 1 hour
hyper cron create --hour=* --minute=2 --env-file=.env --link=news-db --size s4 --name news-posts-cron karllhughes/news node node_modules/.bin/sails run get-new-posts-from-feedbin

# Run post unfluffer every 1 hour
hyper cron create --hour=* --minute=4 --env-file=.env --link=news-db --size s4 --name news-posts-unfluff-cron karllhughes/news node node_modules/.bin/sails run add-post-text

# Run post keyword extraction every 1 hour
hyper cron create --hour=* --minute=8 --env-file=.env --link=news-db --size s4 --name news-posts-keywords-cron karllhughes/news node node_modules/.bin/sails run add-post-keywords

# Run share counters every 1 hour
hyper cron create --hour=* --minute=10 --env-file=.env --link=news-db --size s4 --name news-posts-social-24-cron karllhughes/news node node_modules/.bin/sails run add-post-social --hoursBack=24
hyper cron create --hour=* --minute=10 --env-file=.env --link=news-db --size s4 --name news-posts-social-168-cron karllhughes/news node node_modules/.bin/sails run add-post-social --hoursBack=168

DB Backup

I like to periodically back up the Mongo Database. Here's a quick Docker command to do it with:

docker run -it --rm --env-file=.env.backup karllhughes/mongodump-s3

Or create a job to do this:

hyper cron create --hour=1 --minute=1 --env-file=.env.backup --size s4 --name news-backup-cron karllhughes/mongodump-s3

Tech Stack


Copyright 2018, Portable CTO, LLC

Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License"); you may not use this file except in compliance with the License. You may obtain a copy of the License at

Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS, WITHOUT WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, either express or implied. See the License for the specific language governing permissions and limitations under the License.