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Word-based password generator
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kpwgen - A word-based password generator

Generates passwords based on the XKCD password scheme. This program computes the entropy in the generated passwords and allows generating passwords with a minimum amount of entropy or with a given number of words. By default, passwords have some common character substitutions applied, but this can be disabled. Usage help is available with with kpwgen --help.

This project is licensed under GPLv3 or any later version. See LICENSE.txt for the license text.

The file dict/eff-large-wordlist.txt is the EFF's long word list. This content is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution License. The word list was modified to remove dice reference numbers from each line.

Example Usage

Sample usage of kpwgen in verbose mode. Prints the entropy in the generated password as well as the original and "expanded" password.

$ kpwgen -v
Entropy:  68.3850 bits
Plain:    RelievedDividendEchoedCubes
Expanded: RelievedDiv!dendEchoedCubes
Diff:                ^
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