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[boxcar] avoid PC13,14,15 and their current limitations

Moved the debug led to the other side.
Text that used to be in copper layer also moved to silk, as this board will
not  be milled, but produced properly.
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1 parent 87b399a commit bf41cb424a092e0ba4e2384365bcdfd0baca7e9b @karlp committed Nov 21, 2012
2 nodes/boxcar/TODO-CHANGELOG
@@ -8,6 +8,8 @@ TODO:
(Look for a battery case that has pins for mounting?)
+* move debug led to a differnt port, to avoid PC13,14,15 current limitations
+ (also less crowded)
* drillsize for STLINK is too tight for regular headers.
* footprint for headphone jack works, but has extra holes on the plug end
that are unneeded, and silk is wrong for outline. (so not enough space for
BIN nodes/boxcar/boxcar-v4.brd
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BIN nodes/boxcar/boxcar-v4.sch
Binary file not shown.

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