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readme: try and clarify m0/m3/m4

Not just m3, and add some newer parts while we're here.
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[![Gitter channel](](
The libopencm3 project aims to create an open-source firmware library for
-various ARM Cortex-M3 microcontrollers.
+various ARM Cortex-M microcontrollers.
Currently (at least partly) supported microcontrollers:
- - ST STM32F0xx/F1xx/F2xx/F30x/F37x/F4xx/L0xx/L1xx series
- - Atmel SAM3A/3N/3S/3U/3X series
+ - ST STM32F0xx/F1xx/F2xx/F30x/F37x/F4xx/F7xx/L0xx/L1xx/L4xx series
+ - Atmel SAM3A/3N/3S/3U/3X series, as well as SAMDxx and friends
- NXP LPC1311/13/17/42/43
- Stellaris LM3S series (discontinued, without replacement)
- TI (Tiva) LM4F series (continuing as TM4F, pin and peripheral compatible)

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