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#!/usr/bin/perl -w
# Karl Palsson, July 2010
# convert gthumb 2.11.x metadata to exif metadata
# based on the gt2meta tool for gthumb 2.10.x
# Note: gthumb 2.11.x writes the "description" field from the
# metadata tool (ctrl-m) into exif:UserComment, XMP:Description
# and IPTC:Headline. (If you let it)
# Because it writes IPTC:Headline, IPTC:Urgency gets set to zero automatically.
# so, for this tool, we don't need to do much, we just want to
# exclude xx tagged pictures, and set the xmp rating.
# However, this seems to trash or duplicate some of the maker notes, so
# instead, block gthumb from saving metadata into the file, and just use the
# xml comments file. Then, this script will put it into the right places...
use XML::XPath;
use XML::XPath::XMLParser;
use Image::ExifTool;
use Encode;
use MSDOS::Descript;
use File::Spec;
my @flist;
(@flist = @ARGV) || die ("you probably meant to specify some files to work with");
foreach my $file (@flist) {
print "Processing $file : ";
my (undef, $dirs, $basef) = File::Spec->splitpath($file, 0);
$dirs = "." unless $dirs;
unless (open( MYFILE, "$dirs/.comments/$basef.xml" )) {
print "Skipping, no gthumb comments found\n";
my $xp = XML::XPath->new(ioref => *MYFILE{IO});
my $comment = $xp->findvalue('/comment/note');
# gthumb writes xml entities, and for some reason, these get converted into latin1, not utf8 at xpath time?!
# at least gthumb11 doesn't have zipped xml files with .xml extensions, but it still has this utf8 decl vs 8859-1
# reality insanity.
$comment = Encode::decode('iso-8859-1', $comment);
# TODO - should probably use nodesets for keywords?
my $doCaption = 1;
$doCaption = 0 if $comment =~ /^xx/; # I use xxxxx and xxx to quickly tag images that need further review.
$doCaption = 0 if ! $comment;
my $isMovie = $file =~ /avi|gif|mov|mp4|flv|ogv|mkv|webm/i;
if ($doCaption && $isMovie) {
print "proceeding w/ movie...";
# need to make a descript.ion file so that make_album can use it
# need to add to it if it already exists, and make sure to only
# write 8859-1
my $desFile = new MSDOS::Descript("descript.ion");
$desFile->description($file, $comment);
if ($file =~ /\.mkv$/) {
print "proceeding w/ matroska!";
`mkvpropedit -e info -s title="$comment" "$file"`;
} elsif ($doCaption) {
my $et = new Image::ExifTool; # make this as late as possible
# Gimp on fedora 18 seems to destroy images somehow...?!
$et->Options(IgnoreMinorErrors => 1);
print "proceeding w/ image...";
$et->SetNewValue('Caption-Abstract', $comment);
$et->SetNewValue('XMP-dc:Title-x-default', $comment);
#print $et->SetNewValue('IPTC:Urgency', 2);
#print $et->SetNewValue('XMP:Urgency', 2);
$et->SetNewValue('XMP:Rating', 2);
print "\n";