Code backing my ScalaSyd talk May 9th 2018
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Ugly Code - Refactor demo

ScalaSyd Wed 9th May 2018

This is the code base for my ScalaSyd talk on refactoring ugly procedural mutable scala code to be more idiomatic of Scala.

While there are many parts of this codebase that could do with a tidy up, however I am just focusing on provider.api.mapifyHistoricPrices for the demo.

To use this codebase simply use git to check out the codebase at tag "start" then go to "start_1" then "start_2" then to "start_n" also aliased to "finish" to see the progression of refactoring

git co start
git checkout start_1
git checkout start_??

Run the code buy running the Main class at Main

The Main class needs a trades.csv file a list of currencies in coinlist.csv and a historicPrices.csv. While you can pass them as arguments to Main it is easier to copy the example files to the default location.

mkdir -p $HOME/uglycode/coinspotpos
cp ./exampletrades/* $HOME/uglycode/coinspotpos

now you can run the main class

 sbt clean run

The Main class will populate the historic price file from the internet if it is missing some prices. So to see the prices being fetched delete items from $HOME/uglycode/coinspotpos/historicPrices.csv or wipe it

cat /dev/null >  $HOME/uglycode/coinspotpos/historicPrices.csv

happy re-factoring.